She is Near DAO Council Report February and March

During this reporting period, I actively engaged with the community through various social media platforms and organized initiatives to enhance community participation and interaction. The following activities were carried out:

  1. Community Calls Hosting and Recording:
  • Hosted and recorded all community calls to facilitate transparency and inclusivity within the community.
  1. Social Media Contests:
  • Oversaw the community meme contests to encourage community participation and interaction on various platforms.
  1. Effective Communication:
  • Facilitated effective communication by disseminating posts across Telegram channels and groups to reach a wider audience and ensure community members stay informed.
  1. SMM Group Interview Organization:
  • Organized an interview process for the Social Media Management (SMM) group to onboard skilled individuals and enhance the effectiveness of social media initiatives.
  1. Social Media Team Oversight:
  • Oversaw the activities of the social media team to ensure alignment with organizational goals and objectives.
  1. Social Media Campaigns:
  • Ran targeted social media campaigns for the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to promote awareness, engagement, and participation among community members.
  1. Lead Action on Social Media Marketing:
  • Took proactive leadership in executing social media marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility and community engagement.
  1. Consistent Posting Across Platforms:
  • Ensured regular and timely posting of content across all social media platforms to maintain an active and engaging online presence.
  1. I participated equally in community proposals review for these months.

Thanks for these amazing months