[September 2021] Sankore project opportunity: help us with website management || The call is closed

We are happy to announce the collaboration with the Sankore Guild.

Sankore 2.0 (S2) is an Africa-focused community integrating the NEAR blockchain to projects and solutions conceived and built by local developers in Kenya. The organisation, which is named after Africa’s oldest educational institution, helps developers to make use of NEAR and adopt Web3 technologies.


We are looking for a team who will help us with the website management.

There are three available roles:

  • Writing content - 250 USD

  • Research - 250 USD

  • Management - 250 USD UPD as the workload was extended: 500 USD

UPD: By now only the researcher role is available


People with management skills are welcome, as well as Sandboxers with writing and research experience

How to start?

DM me on the Forum or through the discord channel nastique#5490



@Mazi just in case:)

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Thank you for this post @AnaNastya!
Specifically for the “researcher role”, we’re looking for someone that can help us better understand the history and the need of our audience concerning the Open Web and mobile money adoption.

Few factors are essential for understanding how mobile money was adopted (especially in Kenya with Mpesa). Precisely to how we can use similar marketing approaches to communicate the Open Web and the ownership economy to African youth.

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Hello ! I am sure we can help with the roles.

@Jloc Research
@Nicolasp2 writing content
@FritzWorm Management

DM right now.

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Hello @Sofia_Alum, thanks for the oportunity im interested here is my discord tag josel#2233 and you can also contactme on telegram @cheersfactory.