[November 2021] Sankore project opportunity: help us with the feasibility study

Hi Sandboxers,

Are you ready to start work on November opportunities?

We are glad to continue collaboration with S2 project. The Sankore mission is to apply DeFi technologies to modeling and other creative industries.
S2 wants to implement a new product to provide the modeling industry with a payout system based on DeFi and Smart Contracts.

Before the launch, we need a person who will conduct the feasibility study for us.
We expect that a person will provide us the scope of work below:

  • Conduct technical analysis to flesh out project components, particularly following criteria elements of:
    -Competition analysis
    -Market analysis and coherence between market needs and Principle Payment solution features
    -Marketing strategy
    -Profitability requirements

  • Produce a draft scoping report for the project concept based on the consultations, research, and analysis conducted.

We are looking for Sandboxers with the qualifications and background below:

  • The successful candidate will have a background in the modelling industry or similar with strong technical skills in project design and management.

The following attributes are essential:

  • Substantial relevant experience in the design and implementation of integrated development projects;
  • Experience in the formulation and management of similar projects with global funds including:
  • Project design, management, and monitoring & evaluation;
  • Design of log frame with SMART indicators, work plan and budget formulation;
  • Working with multi-disciplinary teams, including local and expatriate technical experts;
  • Strong analytical skills; Exceptional ability in communication and networking, negotiations and writing;
  • Experience in economic and financial analysis for project viability and budget formulations;
  • Familiarity with technical issues related to adaptation, methods of cost-benefit analysis for adaptation options, identification of multiple benefits of adaptation, including, economic, social, and gender-related.
  • Flexibility and ability to operate in different cultural settings and with a variety of stakeholders.
  • Culturally and gender-sensitive.

The reward is 500 USD for the study

Please write me about your experience and motivation in DM to schedule the interview with me and @Mazi S2 :fire:



I like to Explore , Research and apply for position

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