Self-Nomination: RC DAO Council (AVB)

Hello friends,

I’d like to nominate for the Regional DAO Counil.

  1. Who are you? 2. What is your experience?

Most people know me as AVB - I grew up in Venezuela, live in Australia, and regularly travel around the world. This has given me a unique perspective on the problems that blockchain is aiming to solve, the state of many different communities around the world, and what operational excellent looks like.

I am a lawyer by training, been full time crypto since 2021 - including governance processes through early days Guild program, and serving as Marketing DAO Council member.

  1. Any skills? Goals? How are you involved with NEAR and the overall blockchain ecosystem?

Skills - deeply analytical, problem solving skills. I am able to identify trends, problems and opportunities and proactively come up with hypothesis and experiments.

Communication - I have hundreds of replies to Marketing DAO applications on the gov forum. Each goes into great detail analysing the proposal, explaining the approval criteria, sharing my reasoning for approving or rejecting and finally, suggesting a way forward (where applicable).

My legal training gives me an edge when it comes to operations - I wrote the latest Marketing DAO guidelines in October 2022 and the Marketing DAO Charter in Q2 2023. This is important when it comes to the administration of Trust, reviewing and enforcing processes, etc.

Some people call me the ‘Human Shard’ as I can often be seen everywhere in the ecosystem. Some of my notable contributions: REF Finance Community Board since 2021, early Guilds program leader (Silicon Craftmen), Marketing DAO since 2021 - June 2023, Meta Pool Advisors, Business Development + Ecosystem Success, Alpha Leaks w. AVB Youtube Channel, Wild User Interviews Podcast

  1. Where is your home?

Which communities do you represent?

I have spent an exorbitant amount of time travelling the world and connecting with NEAR and crypto ecosystem everywhere with the common thread of: people who are excited by PRODUCT and who accept the challenge of building towards Mass Adoption.

I am a native Spanish speaker, grew up in Venezuela and regularly travel to the region (including recent 3 month stay in Medellin; visits to Argentina, Brasil, Costa Rica + Mexico).

I also represent the APAC region - deep ties and plans to grow Australia and New Zealand + very close connection and collaboration w. Singapore (visit regularly), Korea (just spend a full month connecting w. ecosystem there), Vietnam (VIP ticket to NEAR APAC booked!), among others.

Why are you a good candidate? Why should people vote for you?

I have proven over time that I put the NEAR ecosystem and community first, even when that has led to uncomfortable personal relationships or personal financial loss.

I have the experience and skills to excel in the role. By voting for me people can trust that the RC DAO is in good hands.

Explain your strategy to develop regional communities.

I’ve been communicating my vision for months now, since I pushed for internally to separate the Regional Communities from Marketing DAO, acknowledging that Marketing guidelines (mostly around content creation).

I am a strong believer in:

  • IRL Events (Meetups, etc.)
  • Universities - student blockchain clubs, etc.
  • Hackathons
  • Top of Funnel BD - connect and liaise with local builders, introduce them to NEAR, refer them to NEAR Horizon.

To maximise the potential of the above I would like to see playbooks developed so anyone around the world has enough support to take action (Slide Decks to provide presentations about intro to NEAR, Sample proposals to Universities, etc.)

Let us know any expectations regarding your time commitment and compensation.

Same rate as GWG contributors and other Grassroots DAO. I support different council members receiving different levels of remuneration based on actual workloads. I am able to make as much time as needed available.

Kindly disclose any potential conflicts of interest, and feel free to be creative!
Former Marketing DAO Council, starting Australia Regional community.