[Inqury - Resolved] Steps to follow

Hello again! I’m writing a post due to an approved Marketing Budget:

Which are the following steps to come? Do I need to create a post in any specific DAO?

Thank you very much



Hello @nacho.near thanks for always count on me for guidance hehehe, big hug, hope soon I can meet you if I can visit Argentina and we could drink a Crypto Beer together :beers:

It is not even clear to me how to ask for funds, as I have told before, I have been some time around and I have not receive funding for Venezuela Guild activities, but I can show you the link to the New Process for Community Payouts:

As you could read there it seems that you have to propose a poll on the Astro DAO of the marketing vertical, but is better to receive guidance directly from them @marketingdao-council

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Working on new Marketing DAO guide :wave::wave::wave: