Sankore 2.0 September Guild Report

Sankore 2.0 September Guild Report

Month: September

Guild Name: Sankore 2.0

Our progress so far and insights we’ve gained.

The monthly report for September includes 10 sections

  1. September’s Highlights
  2. Dapp use case: Principal Payment
  3. Partnership: Open Forest Protocol Partnership
  4. Cross-Guild Collaboration & Connections
  5. Human Resources
  6. Rebranding
  7. Blog Post
  8. New Initiatives/ Opportunities
  9. Social Media & Analytics
  10. Next Month Roadmap.

1. September’s Highlights

  • Successfully registered our business in Kenya as Sankore LTD.
  • Set up a publishing partnership with the Kenyan Wallstreet Journal and Bitcoin Ke.
  • Published a brief summary on our initial weeks in networking with key profiles in Nairobi: Instagram
  • 12 new members joined our Telegram Chat
  • 91 new people followed us on Twitter
  • Presented Sankore 2.0’s initiative to 4NTS panel discussion with @metapool, @fluxprotocol and FinanceOIN: video
  • 3 members from the Sandbox joined our team: doc
  • New Cross-Guild collaboration with #Rhino Guild
  • Rebranded our core activities in three categories, Sankore Education, Sankore Climate and Sankore Solution: website

2. Dapp use case: Principal Payment

  1. Designed new paper prototype mock-ups of the mobile app with @Primaveralina from #inc4-guild: NDA
  2. We’ve completed one out of the three flows so far in our solution analysis with @Primaveralina : NDA
  3. Feasibility analysis: doc

3. Partnership: Open Forest Protocol

  1. List all the forests in Kenya: sheet: excel
  2. Outline all the forests conservancies overseen by the Kenyan Forests Service: (sheet: KFS-Forest & KFS-Conservancies): excel
  3. Outlined all REDD+ Projects and Programs in Kenya: (sheet: REDD+): excel
  4. NGOs: Outreach to onboard projects as OFP founding members: (sheet: NGOs): excel

4. Cross-Guild Collaboration & Connections

  1. [Rhino Guild]: will help us with the Social Media blueprint roadmap.
  2. [Uganda Guild Community]: gave advice on how to grow NEAR-based communities in East Africa to its leader @Mucu256 . We will collaborate in cross-guild NEAR-based events in the region, both in Kenya and Uganda.
  3. [Sandbox]: we have onboarded three people from the sandbox that will help on website development and social media management in collaboration with @Magnus .
  4. Spoke with a software developer, Nate Mamman (website), from Nigeria, who is involved with the #Createbase community and plans to create his own guild. We provided advice regarding Guild creation, and discussed a potential collaboration to build an Africa-focused NFT application on top of existing NEAR-based NFT platforms.

5. Human Resources

  1. Month report
  • Content Creator: doc
  • Chief Marketing Officer: doc
  • Weekly Team Meeting Minutes: doc
  1. Vacancies (soon to be updated on website)
  • Web3 Developer: doc
  • Software Analyst: doc
  • Cryptocurrency Accountant Consultant: doc

6. New Initiatives/ Opportunities

  1. Sankore Engineering Ecosystem Roadmap: doc
  2. Sankore’s projects onboarding process in Kenya (built on the NEAR protocol):
  • Project Evaluation: doc
  • Template: doc
  • Project Databank: doc
  1. Projects we plan to build on the NEAR protocol (in evaluation process) protocol (in evaluation process)
  • Portable Health Record: doc
  • Afreative is interested in exploring the opportunities that DLT/blockchain could offer to their area of work.
  1. First kick-off event:
  • Organising Sankore’s first event: a pitching competition on 4th December for new NEAR based projects from Kenya): doc.

7. Rebranding

  1. Sankore Education: doc
  2. Sankore Solutions: doc
  3. Website Rebrand (draft): doc

8. Blog Posts

  1. Why does Kenya lead the world in peer-to-peer crypto transactions? (44 claps)

9. Social Media Management and Analytics

  1. Twitter: 178 followers

  1. Top mention: tweet
  2. Telegram chat: 41 members
  3. 134 more open views on out introduction post published on

  1. Website analytics:

10. Sankore 2.0’s key tasks for October

  • NEAR Conference (documenting the entire journey through our new YouTube Channel)
  • Publish content on NFT’s i.e. introducing the creator economy.
  • Discuss with mint base and DAO records to evaluate the possibility of introducing African artists and developers on the NEAR-based NFT platforms.
  • Construct a partnership content roadmap with the Kenya Wallstreet Journal and BitcoinKe: preliminary doc
  • Collaborate with Afroeative and the Portable Health Record team to bring their projects to the NEAR Protocol.
  • Have two devs start the NEAR Certified Instructor training.
  • Start drafting the narrative (storyline) of Principal Payment.

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Great job and report guys .

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Amazing report @Mazi always appreciative of your advice on building a strong Near ecosystem in the East African region.

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Awesome report @Mazi

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