Sankore 2.0 November Guild Report

Sankore 2.0 November Guild Report

Month: November

Guild Name: Sankore 2.0

Our progress so far and insights we’ve gained.

The monthly report for November includes the following seven sections:

  1. November’s Highlights
  2. Dapp Use Cases
  3. Partnership: Open Forest Protocol
  4. Blog Posts
  5. Social Media Management & Analytics
  6. Review of the November Roadmap from September’s Guild Report
  7. Next Month’s Roadmap.

1. November’s Highlights

  1. We organised Africa’s first official NEAR-MEETs in the cities of Mombasa and Kisumu
  2. We promoted Sankore’s NEAR Meets as part of the Kenyan crypto tour on Guild Official Business hour
  3. We successfully debriefed future community leaders in Mombasa (see photo on Twitter)
  4. We launched our new Discord channel.

2. Dapp Use Cases

Use Case 1: Principal Payment

This project seeks to develop a secure, efficient, and reliable payments and contracting system for models and agents in an industry that largely offers short-term contracts which incur high processing fees. You can read more about the potential NEAR has in this industry in our Principal Payment working Lite Paper here: doc

We met with two potential feasibility analysts. However, we’re still currently screening for qualified feasibility analysts to ensure the quality of the study to help us make an informed decision regarding the chance of success of the venture. The scope of the study involves Industry Analysis, Market Study, Competition, Current economic environment, Cost structure, Business model, Marketing strategy, Management structure and cost. If you are interested in knowing more about this analysis, please contact me.

Use Case 2: Green Stocks for Cities by the Public Space Network

Green Stocks is an incentive scheme designed to stimulate a massive proliferation of green spaces in cities, encouraging both private and public actors to participate as a means of combating climate change and also improving city residents’ quality of life. Sankore 2.0 is collaborating with Public Space Network (PSN) which sees the expansion of green spaces in cities as critical to climate change mitigation and city regeneration. Sankore 2.0 and PSN jointly proposed a feasibility study grant to develop and implement the Green Stocks incentive mechanism using the NEAR platform.

3. Partnership: Open Forest Protocol (OFP)

  1. We added more detail to the plan of our visit with local stakeholders and the OFP team scheduled for January 6th to 30th (read the plan)
  2. We crafted SMART objectives for the new Forest Consultant we are planning to onboard, had them reviewed by the OFP CEO Fred Fournier and Business Developer for Projects Joe Ferris (read the objectives here)
  3. We revised and reinitiated outreach plans to 28 local Kenyan forestry projects with the assistance of Joe Ferris, planning to organise meetings in January with the OFP team: (see the list of projects here)
  4. We contacted the Executive Secretary of the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) Preeti Sinha to arrange meetings in January with her colleagues, thanks to Fred Fournier
  5. We are onboarding a communication assistant who will be employed to delegate the outreach work to our various local stakeholders at 10h/week to start. She currently is a communication manager at a local crypto company.
  6. Sankore 2.0 and Business Developer for Validators Rado met with Dominic Walubengo, the Director of the Forest Action Network, who shared valuable feedback on the Open Forest Protocol plan. If you wish to know more about the feedback, contact us.

4. Blog Posts

  1. First NEAR-MEET in Kisumu (7th Dec)
  2. Kenya’s First NEAR-MEET in Mombasa. (18th Nov)

5. Social Media Management & Analytics

  1. witter: 548 current followers (+56% in November)

  1. Telegram chat: 197 members (+251% in November)

  2. Instagram: 207 followers (+142% in November)

  1. LinkedIn: 55 followers (+96% in November)

  1. Website analytics:

6. Review of the November Roadmap from October’s Monthly Report

  • (In progress) Create content strategy for Instagram & YouTube
  • (In progress) Work on new website
  • (In progress) Have two devs start the NEAR Certified Instructor training
  • (In progress) Collaborate with Afroeative and the Portable Health Record team to bring their projects to the NEAR Protocol
  • (DONE) Work on weekly content in collaboration with Flying Rhino
  • (DONE) Create forms to funnel new leads during the Kenya Crypto Tour
  • (In progress) For at least one (in-house) dev to complete the NEAR Certified Instructor training
  • (DONE) Onboard two interns
  • (In progress) Build a team to work on the Decentralised Event Hosting and Ticket Distribution Network
  • (In progress) Finalise the litepaper for the Decentralised Event Hosting and Ticket Distribution Network
  • (In progress) Explore funding opportunities for the Decentralised Event Hosting and Ticket Distribution Network
  • (In progress) Continue to foster cross-guild collaboration with Near Philippines and NPK Guild Nigeria.

7. December Roadmap

  • Run our events at the final two crypto tour destinations, Nakuru and Nairobi

  • Formalise the partnership with Crypto Valley Venture Capital (CV_VC) in Africa.

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