Sankore 2.0 July Guild Report

Sankore 2.0 July Guild Report

Month: July
Guild Name: Sankore 2.0

Here below you’ll find our progress so far, and insights we’ve learned alongside a restructured roadmap that we believe will get us closer to our goals in establishing NEAR presence in Nairobi Kenya.

Monthly Highlights


John Wainaina Karanja C.E.O and Co-Founder of Melanin Solar and a blockchain hub in Nairobi Kenya Bithub.Africa is an official advisor and partner of Sankore 2.0. John has been involved in the technology sector for the past 17 years and the Blockchain space for the past 7 years. John also holds an MSc in Political Sociology from the University of Oxford.

The goal with John Karanja: designing an engineering ecosystem: Excel Doc (to be reviewed)

Problem: there are not enough skilled developers that can run nodes and build apps on blockchains in Nairobi. Thereby any program that can help people become trained and build applications on NEAR is needed.

Potential Solution:

Success will be measured by (still in review):

  • How many near.wallet accounts are created.
  • How many successfully complete the program and demonstrate a demo application on demo day.
  • How many join the Sandbox to earn NEAR in helping projects in the ecosystem.

Immediate action:

  • Insights of the profile of the audience is essential:
    • We will send out a survey to know the blocking factors of Kenyan devs joining the NCD: Google Docs (to be reviewed)
    • E.g. depending on the results we might at first piggyback on web-cafés to provide fast internet access and laptops to devs.

Cross-Guild Collab

NEAR Legal Guild: @SChamat

Four action plans (hard roadmap dates still need to be determined)

  1. Identify the most significant concern that the Kenyan Government has regarding crypto implementation, especially regarding legal frameworks essential for entrepreneurs to build sustainable solutions (DAO’s, tokenisation etc.) on NEAR for their region.
  2. Collaborate with local legal entities (identify what is going on in their terms).
  3. Connect local legal entities with the NEAR Legal (@LegalGuild) Guild to provide added international framework and other necessities. Produce content for Sankore 2.0’s audience on this e.g. privacy risk, security risk etc.
  4. Issue recommendations with policymakers + perhaps create a course package and provide education.

Open Forest Protocol (OFP):

Sankore 2.0 aims moreover to become a development arm for OFP in Nairobi. More information is coming soon. Current action item: Contact list created - Google Docs (to be reviewed)

Guild Calls

  • C1 Guild - Dedeukwu Igwe: twitter post
  • NEAR Legal Guild Leader: Santiago Chamat (cross-guild integration is shown above). Future integration will be showcased on our Medium page.

Blog Posts on Medium

Social Media Management and Analytics

Infographics, memes and re-tweets made for Sankore 2.0

What to expect in the following month (August).

  • We will send through the following survey to the Sankore 2.0 chat group and as many Kenyan Developers as possible for data collection + analysis: Survey Form
  • Main clarification point: How will Sankore 2.0 measure success in establishing NEAR presence in Nairobi?
  • Implement the Engineering eco-system (EES) with John Karanja: Excel Doc
  • We will be planning to have a small event (Introducing NEAR) in the first two weeks of September in Nairobi depending on the COVID-19 restriction (more information will come soon).