Blockchain Club of Uganda Guild November Monthly Report

We had a rigorous month that involved re-establishing and re-defining our guild presence in Uganda and Africa at large. We are grateful for the continued support from the community team and our partner guilds especially Sankore 2.0 led by @Mazi
These have given us great advice on making our guild better and firm.

Here are our November monthly achievements.

  • Guild Registration;

  • We were able to register the Blockchain Club of Uganda, a Near Guild and a blockchain entity offering awareness and education in Uganda.

  • Our certificate of registration will be out by mid-December as our application was approved.

  • We were also able to draft a white paper which includes our Articles of Association.

  • These are still under review and will be up on our website as soon as they are approved.

  • Guild Website;

  • The Blockchain Club of Uganda guild was able to put up a website to create more profound presence.

  • This, we believe will help more community members to know who we are, what we do and how to join us which will in a long run strengthen our ecosystem in the country.

  • Via the website, we shall also get more subscribers as there will be an option to join the guild.

  • The other feature we trust will better our guild is monthly newsletter to our members and subscribers which will entail our monthly projects, reports and the like

  • Here is the link to the website

  • Guild roadmap;

  • On our website, we are proud to have designed a roadmap that will help us achieve our guild goals through our quarterly goals.

  • The roadmap is designed in a way that we best believe will make the Near vision and use cases a reality. This can further be found on our website

  • Monthly event;

  • We were able to hold our monthly event, despite a little challenges as we had to find another venue other than planned. Nonetheless, we were able to hold a successful event.

  • This event attracted members from the National Information and Technology Authority (NITA)

  • We are happy for the warm welcome NITA gave our guild and the great advice to start getting involved in the innovation challenges in the country.

  • The event was attended by 47 members and close 25 of them were able to create Near Wallets and had a good number of them join our telegram group. Near Nov Event - Google Drive

  • Guild Equipment
    With our community setup and our strategy to attain nationwide coverage, we were able to purchase the following items to help us in our operations.

    • Projector set,
    • Camera,
    • Portable Public address system and
    • Pull-up banner

It should be noted that this equipment will help in cutting our event costs.


Wonderful stuff, so happy to hear you’re working with Sankore, too!

Keep it up :muscle:

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Thanks for appreciating @David_NEAR This keeps us moving :clap:

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