Sandcastle DAO 🏰

Sandbox Partygoers :parasol_on_ground:

As we get ready for the Open Web Sandbox Party happening on Thursday, 2021-07-29T15:00:00Z, let’s have some fun experimenting with a new Sputnik DAO.

Thus far, 145 councils exist, and over 700 accounts have connected to the platform. Now, the main objective is to establish and grow a DAO / council that includes as many unique NEAR humans as possible.

Join the Open Web Sandbox AMA 2021-07-28T13:00:00Z for a unique #Taskathon experience, where new members of the Sandcastle DAO council will be approved in real time.

:partying_face: ​​Why Partycipate?

I’d say the initial purpose of this DAO is to have fun! Let’s coordinate Open Web Contributors and create opportunities to celebrate NEAR. For example, if a lot of Sandboxers join a council, we might be able to gauge community opinions about relevant issues, like our next party theme and questions about open web branding. Ultimately, this can become an “Ecosystem DAO” which represents one population of NEAR.

Plus, every council member would receive a special NFT (courtesy of @Samtoshi_F_Baby), along with future party favors :confetti_ball:

Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How

You are more than welcome to join the Sandcastle DAO! Simply follow the step-by-step guide below to submit a “New Council” proposal. Each potential member will be voted in by current DAO members. To be added, you have to get more than half of the total number of voters to approve your proposal.

Keep in mind, you can submit proposals to join other DAOs using the same process. Just be sure to communicate with any council members, and explain why they should give you a vote in their specific DAO. How are your intentions aligned with the purpose?

Building Sandcastle

Are you ready for the Sandbox party this Thursday?!


Sign up to pitch your project:

Learn about Open Web Sandbox:

Join Sandcastle :european_castle: :parasol_on_ground: :japanese_castle:

Step 0: Create Forum Post

You can just reply here to get a specific URL for the proposal.

Step 1: Navigate to the Sandcastle DAO

Join and vote on proposals to represent NEAR community! Together, we are building a maximally inclusive DAO with as many unique human council members as possible :european_castle: #youNEARverse

Step 2: Click “Create New Proposal”

You can do this!

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 4.01.30 PM

Step 3: Select “NewCouncil” Proposal Type

Feel free to submit any kind of proposals (on purpose).

Step 4: Proposal Details

  • forum post link
  • description
  • account ID

Make sure to include the .near suffix :rotating_light:

Example ~ name.near

Step 5: Deposit 0.1 NEAR

This 0.1 NEAR bond (deposit) will be returned if your proposal is approved.

Step 6: Approve Transfer

This would finally create your proposal.

Step 7: Notify Council Members

Congrats! Your proposal has been submitted.

Telegram: Contact @sputnik_DAO

Also, there is a private channel in the Open Web Sandbox Discord for verified Sandcastle participants. We could make a role / group here on the forum to manage a subcategory in the OWS category. That might be useful in building our Sandcastle!

Please don’t hesitate to share ideas or ask questions ~ your feedback is much appreciated!


Looking forward to all of the above!


Sandcastle DAO is a great idea!

I am working with the OWS team and run N-ROLE DAO.

Happy to be the first to put my name forward for the Sandcastle DAO - cryptocredit.near


I’m hyped to join the party :partying_face:


Hi Everyone! Feels great to be part of this vibrant community and be able to contribute to the growth of the NEAR Ecosystem!!


Replied, I’m super human!


Just came here from the party, this is cool!


Super fun initiative! Flexible governance rules in Astro are going to make this easier I think… We’re going to discover the critical mass at which new DAO members can’t be added because of inactive folks who were voted in but not checking on proposals.


Yea, so far ~ zero proposals have been approved… I’m looking forward to what Sandcastle DAO decides with regard to Astro in preparation for the next Open Web Sandbox Party. Guessing we’d use a lower threshold for the AddMemberToRole proposal type.

I wonder if there is any interest in experimenting with a CASTLE token? Other specific roles needed for this v2 Sputnik DAO? How might we interact with applications throughout NEARverse? For example, I created this Mintbase store, and I’m using @Samtoshi_F_Baby as an example of an open web artist, dropping NFTs to members of Sandcastle DAO.

Sandbox Party Favors can be one way to introduce yourself to the NEAR community and reach potential collectors. I’m hoping Astro can help us make split royalty arrangements as a group who facilitates onboarding.

Let’s experiment with more ideas! I’d encourage anyone + everyone to join this DAO. Every member will receive an exclusive “NEAR to the Future” NFT on August 1, courtesy of Samtoshi. There is a beautiful synchronicity of the artwork and this recent initiative by the Paras team:


I Vow my Duty to Near Community…


Hi everyone! Great initiative! I’m part of the Sandbox team and glad to be with you guys :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’m ready to be part of this great ecosystem experiment! :european_castle: :beach_umbrella: (and get myself another sweet @Samtoshi_F_Baby NFT)


Already have some ideas for :eyes::fire:


Would you like to collect and mint beautiful sandcastles during the summer? Here is one from 2020 long time ago.


Saaaaaaaam @Samtoshi_F_Baby


Yessssss ? :slight_smile: @Sofia_Alum

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Willing to join the Team


I want to become community member


I want to become community member


I want to be in the DAO

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