[ROUGH GUIDE] NxM Event Submission Guidelines

This Guide is designed to help NxM Guild/DAO members who are wanting to submit event proposals to better understand what is expected from them and to clarify some of the upcoming changes to how NxM will distribute funding for events moving forward.

NxM Event Submission Guidelines [General]

Community Calendar:

A Community Calendar of events has been set up so that all NxM members can add their approved events in advance to the schedule. The calendar uses the nxmlive2021@gmail.com account, so if you need access to contribute to your events just email us and we’ll get you on.

Working Together:

It will be the responsibility of Event Organizers to compile the needed information about their event to share with the NxM Social Media team for additional support at least 1 week prior to the event. We hope this will help the flow of information to all moving parts of the NxM ecosystem and streamline the process through this document. Working together is key!


It is important to have a cohesive approach to posting. By following the Community Calendar everyone knows what’s happening when and will be able to plan & schedule their events in advance. If you are unsure, just communicate with a guild leader for support.

You will read more below about the scheduling flow and requirements

Event Visual & Description:

It is the responsibility of event organizers to ensure the visuals (posters…) are prepared in advance and communicated to relevant support channels.

The usual format for visuals is jpg, png, gif, mp4.

All events should have a cohesive message and description attached when preparing to share. Make sure you check names, typos and time zones when submitting the final copy of your event. It will be used on the socials and eventually on the website when we have one!


The NxM ecosystem is rapidly growing! We have been using Telegram for the majority of our communication, so I’m going to share one important Pro-Tip!

Make folders using Telegram Desktop (not sure if it’s possible on mobile, but if it is you can use that too).

Create a folder for NxM - This should include the main NxM Community Channel, NxM Broadcast Channel, NxM Social Media (request access) and any other relevant groups. You can do the same for other important chats to keep organized!

NxM Logos and Visuals:

NxM is still in the process of finding its identify. We have a number of logos and visuals people can use. They can all be found here (request access).


We have our Linktree account that connects all of our socials and activities together. You can get your event listed here as well if it’s a regular one.


Starting October 2021 all monthly funding proposals should be done in $USD value and when the proposals are approved, the corresponding amount in NEAR.

See this post for further clarification

Keep in mind that the dollar value is based on work put in at an hourly rate of $25. The standard payment for performances is $100 and your budget should not exceed $1000 per month in total.

Proposals & Reports

As you will see in detail below, two proposals are required to be submitted each month. One for Funding at the beginning, prior to the NxM monthly funding request, and one at the end of your event with your Report.

Funding Proposals should be submitted within the first week of the month to ensure that you are funded based on your request and should include any goals or milestones you have for the month ahead.

Report Proposals should be submitted upon completion of your event before you submit your Payout request to the DAO.

NxM Ecosystem Map

NxM Event Organizer Responsibilities & Expectations [Specific]

We want to ensure you have the best possible outcome for your NxM event! Now that you’ve read all the information above let’s jump into the specifics to get you better prepared for your proposals to the governance forum.


  • Scheduling date & time of your event (clarify time zone as needed).

  • Create and prepare the event poster (visual) and include NxM logo at least 1 week before your event.

  • Manage the lineup of artists and coordinate all the content to be used for streaming/broadcasting.

  • Ensure that all participating artists have been onboarded, have a Near Name and are in the appropriate Telegram channels.

  • Communicate with the Social Media Team directly.

  • All events should be broadcasted on Twitch and screenshared into our NxM Discord Server as well as into Cryptovoxels. It’s important to coordinate all of this in advance.

Submission Proposal:

  • Prepare your proposal post on the governance forum in advance with [Proposal} at the beginning of the title, you can always edit it as you go along and get input from NxM community managers or Creatives DAO team.

  • Make sure to tag “nxm” in both tag categories under the post title.

  • Ensure you are covering everything you need, that your budget fits the available amount in USD$ and that all the numbers are outlined according to who gets what. Transparency is key!


  • Compile all relevant social posts and select images from your event as documentation.

  • Include attendance numbers from Cryptovoxels, Twtich or others as available (request if needed).

  • Include additional analytics if possible.

  • Did you meet your goals and/or milestones? Explain in some detail the outcome of the event.

  • Your report will be linked in your Payout request to the DAO (as long as your proposal is marked [Approved] you’re good to go to submit it)


  • Payouts will be made upon completition of your event. If people need to be compensated for work done, do let them know this is the process to receive their payment.

  • Payout is done directly to the NxM DAO (linked) and your Report post should be linked.

  • Payout Target is the Near wallet address you want the funds to be sent to, which could be a DAO or your own. Please outline the payout process if need be.

  • It usually takes 3-5 days for the DAO Council to vote through proposals so please be advised.

If you have any questions about this guide please contact @vandal

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