NxM Event Payout Proposal

A set of community events and performances to showcase the awesome talent in the ecosystem. NxM DAO has produced, broadcast and performed in a number of events. We provision infrastrcuture, media and other to ensure the artist only has to worry about creating Art. The next step in the evolution is to have tips in NEAR. Detailed technical detail is available on request, but we’re here for the love of the crew and want to show the eyeballs on the artists.

Payout includes:
Artist Bounties
Broadcast Hosting and Management
Social Media
Video Content
Poster Design
Custom NxM Visualization Design
Artist Bounties for NxM Associated Events

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Hey Aylex, could you please resubmit this proposal to the DAO, I was unable to approve it in time before the voting period ended. I’d like to pass this so we can reward everyone who contributed to the last NxM Live event!

Will do. I threw 2/3 artists from my account so they’re sorted. Waiting to hear back from the last one. Will resubmit ASAP.


waiting on one more approval @thegrace.near or @joep.near

Thanks everyone!