[ROUGH GUIDE] NxM Social Media Guidelines

This Guide is designed to help NxM Guild/DAO members who are heading up the Social Accounts to better understand what is expected from them and to clarify some of the upcoming changes to how NxM will distribute funding for the Social Media team moving forward

NxM Social Media Guidelines [General]

Community Calendar:

A Community Calendar of events has been set up so that all NxM members can submit their posts in advance to be scheduled. The calendar will be using the nxmlive2021@gmail.com account so that all connected NxM team members can add the calendar.

Working Together:

It will be the responsibility Social Media team members to get the needed information from other members of the NxM community who need support. This means asking for (or creating) the copy/text to be used for each post. This copy/text can then be shared between all Social Media team members to effectively and cohesively push out each campaign.


It is important to have a cohesive approach to posting. By following the Community Calendar everyone knows what happening when and will be able to plan & schedule their posts in advance.

Posts should include the basics such as the #NxMDAO tag and text can/should be the same across all socials.


Interaction is what drives growth for social media accounts and we should focus more on how to create engagement through interaction. Some suggestions for the Social Team would be to run monthly contests, or work closer with the Events Team to power campaigns to drive more traffic and engagement for each event.

Visuals & Aesthetics:

NxM has still not defined its identity, most of the events have been engaging bounties to designers to create their corresponding visual art, which is fine for the purpose of promoting NxM activities but not so much as a brand itself.

We are open to exploring how we can allocate some funding on a monthly basis to create cool visuals that can be used to promote the NxM ecosystem (Guild/DAO). These images can be scheduled as a part of a campaign together with the NxM Onboarding DAO.


We have our Linktree account that connects all of our socials and activities together. This Linktree should be listed on all our social bios.


Starting October 2021 all monthly funding proposals should be done in $USD value and when the proposals are approved, the corresponding amount in NEAR.

Keep in mind that the dollar value is based on work put in at an hourly rate of $25 and that it should not exceed $200 per month for each Social.

Proposals & Reports

As you will see in detail below, two proposals are required to be submitted each month. One for funding at the beginning and one at the end with your report.

Funding Proposals should be submitted within the first week of the month to ensure that you are funded based on your request and should include any goals or milestones you have for the month ahead.

Report Proposals should be submitted before your Funding Proposal within a few days of the end of the month.

NxM Ecosystem Map

NxM Social Media Responsibilites & Expectations [Specific]


Our primary Social is our Twitter, mainly because the Crypto and Blockchain ecosystem are active there the most. It’s not just about posting though, it’s also about engagement so depending on how much time you have once you get organized via the Community Calendar, it’s important to interact with people!

Weekly Posting:

  • NxM events & activities
  • NxM DAO/Guild promotion (Linktree/Telegram)
  • Retweets from the NxM/NEAR ecosystem


  • Compile all relevant tweets from the month
  • Calculate the number of new followers
  • Include additional analytics


Discord is also vital to the NxM ecosystem. Similar to how we use the Telegram, Discord is there to engage members. We are currently underusing the Discord, so a suggestion would be to engage event creators and artists releasing music to stream/broadcast their events in the Discord as an option to Twitch/Cryptovoxels. This just requires coordination and communication.

Weekly Activities:

  • NxM events & activities reposting
  • Pushing people out to the Telegram and other socials to share
  • Share relevant social posts from the NxM/NEAR ecosystem


  • Quantify member growth & activity
  • Include additional analytics if available


Facebook has initially been a vehicle to onboard people into the NxM ecosystem and showcase the events and activities from the community.

Weekly Posting:

  • Create Events for key NxM activities with corresponding visuals and details (provided by the organizers)
  • NxM DAO/Guild promotion
  • Facilitate onboarding by pushing interested people to the Telegram or Discord


  • Complile all relevant posts & events from the month
  • Calculate the number of new followers
  • Include additional analytics like event goers or likes/key comments


We might be underestimating Instagram currently. Considering a lot of musicians and artists use the platform to promote their work, I feel like we can more effectively utilize this platform through posting and engaging with artists.

Weekly Posting:

  • NxM events & activities (posts & stories)
  • Sharing relevant stories


  • Compile all relevant posts from the month
  • Calculate the number of new followers
  • Include additional analytics


Telegram is our primary mode of communicating with community members and connects with the wider ecosystem through all the various groups and channels. Managing the Telegram includes both the main community group channel and the Broadcast channel

Weekly Activities:

  • NxM events & activities
  • Communicating with members, answering questions, facilitating needs and general engagement
  • Giving tips for interactions
  • Managing pinned posts


  • Link Broadcast channel to show posts
  • Calculate the number of new members

Example of report


The NxM YouTube channel is mainly used to share the recordings of our bi-weekly community calls. Currently there is no budget allocated for this as it falls under the Community Call DAO facilitation budget.

If you have any questions about this guide please contact @vandal


Would be good if these NxM events could make their way to the NEAR Community Calendar so prospective Guild and general community members can see them more easily too!


Yes! I agree with this. I haven’t mentioned anything yet, but as I dive into the October budget I’m looking at bringing on a social media manager to assist with the organization of the team and who can also connect the calendar to the other various portals to generate more engagement! Update will come soon!

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Sounds like a plan! :+1:t4:

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