[RoadMAP] Artisans Family DAO

NEAR Artisan’s Family DAO
So this is our vision and goal in six months to accomplish.

We are going to penetrate and dominate the creative world of artisans and it’s market with Near projects and onboard every physical art and craft practitioners to be on the web3 Near blockchain.
Where by artisans can give their customers another platform option to purchase crafts with NFTs

Goal for the next 6 months.

  • AUG. Create a website for our platform, Register our company

  • SEP: Screen Printing of Near & family Dao

  • OCT. Have a physical store for all our funded collective physical crafts, have a store keeper
    who’s gonna be on monthly payroll for store managements.

  • NOV. Near Artisans Tour: Expanding by visiting core Artisans who creates from scratch across the nation, for the purpose of onboarding them and funding their projects

  • DEC. WEB3 Trade fair where we gather all artisans we have worked for Education seminar about web3 and Exhibition of their Physical art to auction in for sale.

  • JAN. Receive Community Proposals