[Proposal] NEAR Artisans summit (Ogun State)

This is a day seminar to gather various artisans in different field of work

Purpose is to educate, Onboard and liberate the Artisans about NEAR and it’s web3 ecosystem.
Its been such a great experience, studying the NEAR ecosystem for a while and discovered the gap of how artisans in my community needs to apply the web3 tools to scale their businesses.
The artisans in Ogun state are quite talented and do use web2 in selling their products nationwide and internationally.
Our goal is to organize a NEAR summit for artisans through the nooks and crannies, Onboarding them to the NEAR ecosystem

When would this happen?
Proposed Event Date is 25th September 2022
Proposed Location : Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential library Arena

How to reach the Artisans.
By Printing fliers with the information of the event,
Fliers can be distributed one on to the artisans at their workshop.
This is the only possible way to create awareness,

And Right from sharing the fliers we could get interested people’s number… To follow up until the event date.

Education on how to turn physical art into NFTs
How to use AstroDao
Community Interactions
NEAR Wallet usage

Side Attractions
Near wallet creation
Web3 Education
Game for random pick of a creator
Display of art crafts and Mint Into NFTs

1 Physical craft collection from the attending Artisans
Minting of all available Physical art at the event for the creators
Onboarding of all participants (about 30 budgeted)

Booking of event space: $150
Design and Printing of 2 flex banner : $100
Refreshment : $100
Rent of Projector: $37
Sound Amplifier rent: $100
Bounty for onboarded artisans: $150
Design, Printing & distribution of Fliers : $80
TOTAL : $717

wallet address: mofresh.near

Project managers
myself, @duchess1 @jummyk @sterryo


nice! id love to be there, if im around Ogun state by that moment.


Definitely , see you there Fam​:slightly_smiling_face:. I can’t wait :clinking_glasses:


Nice one…love the sound of this



Thanks for Family DAO for the privilege of carrying out this Summit, successfully!

Was a bit tough to gather artisans form Ogun State, but due to the first time of doing this, learnt so much on what eventually works!

We got total of 28 artisans present at the event, due to the time frame, many left right after we activated their wallet, so they could secure their businesses in the physical store.

We Carried out The web3 education
Taught how to mint,

Minted 1 Craft



Thank you for the privilege, and we hope to continue this summit with the experience acquired form the first one!

collected some art form the winners!

Obiopeyemi.near Akunna.near Akerele.near Yakubu1.near
Makinwa.near AkintadeO.near Omawunmi.near Funmilade.near
Ladega.near Nwuzor.near Sekinat.near Kingfavour.near
Theophilusosim.near Sahmie.near Enyia.near Belaire.near
Babyexcel.near Leonardo_boy.near Ade_shelz.near Emmy_stark.near
Abu-sadiq.near Tegsman.near Koladex.near King_rita.near
Ammiee.near Moke_exchange.near Abdulbagee.near Nazanation.near

payed out to mofresh.near



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