[Closed] Family DAO Artistans JULY project

Project Name: Family DAO Artisans

Project Status: [ in progress ]

DAO Adress: familydao.sputnik-dao.near

Project Council
@Duchess duchesswinnie.near
@ifeoluwa ifeoluwa1.near
@sterryo iamsterryo.near

Previous Report

familydao.near /KYC through @sterryo

Total Requested Funding Amount:

Projects & Timelines:




Council work and Social media & Dao management $ 1000


Telegram: Contact @familydaoartisans


Metrics Of Success :
85 Artisans are expected to be on-boarded
23 NFTs will be minted and will be burnt when each of the items are sold
All artisans will be taught how to use NFTs sell their produces, building on web3 Ecosystem
Artisans will be encouraged to adopt and hold NEAR Coin token



Hi, cheif, @satojandro in response to this curiosity.

This is Creatives DAO, where forms of creativity builds on NEAR Web3 ecosystem.

In FamilyDAO Artisans.

Artisans are doing so much, and making sales of their hand made crafts!
That is why we in family DAO prioritise building Artisans on NEAR.

We use NTFs to represent physical products, sell it, and once NFTs are bought, we burn it and ship the physical product to their collectors’. ll Artisans at large can now have their crafts on the NEAR block chain.
we onboard them, and also teach them about the web3 ecosystem. adopting & holding NEAR token for long

pls check in our report for what weve done in past 2 mothns JUNE

Telegram: Contact @familydaoartisans

@sterryo @ifeoluwa


tagging dear @creativesdao-council to remind :sparkling_heart: its a lot experinces i personally have gathered this month and we are putting it all to work. thank you so much for all learnt from you. @adrianseneca

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tagging @creativesdao-council to kindly check up on our projects for this month :heart_hands:

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Hey Family DAO,

Thank you so much for all your responses. After going through the proposal a few times with your added information, the moderators unfortunately don’t feel comfortable approving this proposal. Here are our reasonings:

  • There have been no transitions recored in your DAO since May.
  • There are too many inconsistencies within the NFT postings in your report and although there were some corrections and shifts, overall they still seem unclear.
  • Some of the products you are offering seem to be pre bought and resold items which doesn’t feel appropriate as we would rather support the growth of artisans rather than the reselling of their products.

The project idea of onboarding artisans on NEAR and giving them a platform is really great and we would like to suggest that in the future you could:

  • Begin using your DAO to record your activites
  • Clarify your NFTs and your process of distribution
  • Engage artisans more on NEAR so they can also autonomously operate and collaborate in this space
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Thank you so much for correcting with us, we will then work on all this things pointed out and surely make it work in the next proposal. thank you @adrianseneca

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