[Report] Artisan Family DAO July report

Project Name: Family DAO Artisans July
Project Status: In Progress
DAO: familydao.sputnik-dao.near

We had perfect months carrying out our projects in May and June .

we were not approved for July and was told to work on those.

  • Begin using your DAO to record your activites
  • Clarify your NFTs and your process of distribution
  • Engage artisans more on NEAR so they can also autonomously operate and collaborate in this space

All corrections has been worked on now, we have V3 DAO now, and will being to be well used.

We have also met with the artisans physically and are all onboarded to operate and collaborate in the ecosystem
We have proposal coming next, to reveal the artisans faces we onboard, and the collaboration that will be going on with them for our AUGUST Project Activities

We also created a roadmap for our next 6 months goals

and we have a new council memeber now ‘jummyk.near’