Requesting Discourse API key: Building a Governance Discussion Notifier

Hi there, I’m representing the Stakefish Validator Group and we’re building an internal api (that we plan to open source) with the goal of having an up-to-date list of governance discussions for the Near ecosystem. The goal is to be able to participate in these discussion early enough that we might participate in them before they go to vote. Without a tool like the one we’re building, we’re forced to manually check the relevant forum categories every day.

Is there someone I could DM about this?

Teddy Knox

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Yes, absolutely, this would be ace. Please drop me a message :tada:

@David_NEAR glad you’re in support!

I’m having trouble DM-ing you though, there’s no “message” button when I hover over your name. Is it something related to my account? Thanks

I’ve just messaged you. Can you please send me a screenshot of what you see when you click my profile?

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