[report] yucon

Hi everyone,
I am Remzi Emre Kahveci.
I opended a proposal for organize YUCON [Approved] Yucon, 3+1, Tea+Talk events - #55 by REK .

As Turkey DAO, we explained the Near Protocol to more than 100 people at the stand we opened in the foyer area.

  1. 6 NEAR sibrandus.near

  2. 4 NEAR atahanefe.near

  3. 3 NEAR atakann.near

    Raffle reward
    I sent 20 Near to 20 Winner

Winner list

  1. Nezaket Bağlam 640f6fac2a6ac9f6e862dc7c4956f9e2dfad0654fed0046848fad6ba149538bb
  2. Ecrin Fidan 493ae38a60272002d6eeb2c46273724604a87c81b09fc0365418dd82dfb9c5e3
  3. İsa Çolakoğlu did not contact
  4. Yasemin Korkut 1163e68809dcb45f8bb5a1de0f3441303050d61fcd763f25b3139d615c49a82c
  5. İrem Alan iremalan.near
  6. Dilan Yıldırım e529397e3ada27e8ca7ee0fa5cf2076644e086f74f41dcfe1fc15fb4b82a082e
  7. Duygu Algan fae5d2f4edcac2c474e7f44fa577ba84293a8820a2385d4ee07269dea4b5e3a6
  8. Gökçe Demiralp gokcee.near
  9. Alpcan Belen alpcanbelen.near
  10. Ayşegül Fidan cd19e3de5e95d3670922266622ded2efe78fcd726ec663ea6506812a341f756a
  11. Furkan Yıldırım a796c86effded3376390cae7ff3bb5e5bcff3fdb38b717416738623fb0323471
  12. Ahmet Özyörük ahmetozyoruk.near
  13. Bahadır Tiryaki c581f8f2705d323d65a967ed81490eacca88d1060c521e32061668063d9cf136
  14. Bulut Yelken 1e88a1b6d76fd5987375b4c2842d0e5e2457d72b30c5ab786d5f8b09b9782d2b
  15. Çağrı Konuk 077d25666340cfec1b20e67b9fec450353fa4a1e61ad1f5858aff9204aab7732
  16. Emre Çakıcı f46313823a1684393bd8884c1f216a27c997c5df1b870fee3243c98bf8d5f981
  17. Ege Fakirullahoğlu 9f4f7230210f02af7e826a59db3ca5fcfb0fb605904d671a3ad29c5f0c23a8e2
  18. Gülten Erdoğdu 4d7671580714c244f00a2553d44520bae437f71d7ac1ca8a803fd06004289f06
  19. Almıla Sultan Taş 11bc9d35dba7f32b70114e0fea804c96122f699d93fa7fd274fb691a0e5f959a
  20. Ayberk Akış 3a9bc83a1730394550765b79f0e051aac5b16741b57f52863e0291ab22ffbd0a
  21. Berkay Esen 258d29eb3839e21c0b59ae681572776100667a6f0ecd6b36e6b62abe31980e3f

A few Photos from Event


Welcome :love_you_gesture:

Amazing Report! Great work! Looking forward to collaborating with such as great team as yours.



it was definitely worth the effort! thank you all who helped organize and participated.
reached ~150 people directly and presented Near Protocol and Community, set up new wallets, gifted valuable items to participants. It was a pleasure meeting Yunus teacher and others.
Some developer students are excited about building on Near they are looking for more guidance and content for smoother onboarding. We’ll come up with greater plans for this


It was a great event that we all worked hard. In the session breaks we opened lots of wallet and explain near&near ecosystem without taking breath. They call us hey uncle near how are you after the seminar lol. we had impressive feedback from participants

Special thanks to @KriptoRaptor @REK @crypto_blckhntr @OkanCaptain

Here is our picture with @REK


Also, other company speakers like Anka Soft, Strat, Vat Energy learn Near Protocol :grin:


you forgot to mention that Near being the main sponsor here :sunglasses:

edit: i missed this :smile: [quote=“REK, post:1, topic:21147”]
YUCON Platinum Sponsor was Near Protocol


what a great event :hugs:
Thank you @KriptoRaptor for well speach,
and thank you @REK for introducing Near Protocol to Yalova :heart: