[Approved] Yucon, 3+1, Tea+Talk events

Hello Everyone,
I’m Remzi Emre KAHVECI.
We had a Near meeting before and we received lots of Conference, 3 Live Broadcast and a TEA TALK offer at this meeting.
We planned to do 3 Events.
The details of the conference are as follows.

Yucon IEEE is a traditional conference organized by Yalova University every year.
Companies from all over Turkey attend the conference and make presentations. They offer job and internship opportunities to participants.
It is ensured that students have knowledge about the sector.
Also, This conference will be news in regional newspapers.
Yucon organization team:

Date : 27 April 2022 .
Location : Google Maps (Offline Event) .
Target Audience: 200 University students 50 High school students 20 Academy lecturers .

A few photo from Location.

Time Order:
09.00-10.00 → Breakfast
10.00-11.00 → Opening speech
11.00-12.00 → First Session ( Huawei )
12.00-12.15 → Break
12.15-13.15 → Second Session ( Turkcell )
13.15-13.45 → Lunch break
13.45-14.45 → Third Session ( NEAR )
14.45-15.00 → Break
15.00-16.00 → Fourth Session ( Sirimpeks Inc/Secret Power )
16.00-16.15 → Break
16.15-17.15 → Fifth Session ( Famous Guest )
17.15-17.30 → Closing speech

What will Near do at YUCON?
We will open a stand in the foyer area.
45 min Near Ecosystem presentation will be made.
The end of the presentation will be a kahoot game. The top 3 will receive 16 Near prizes. 1.8Near 2.5Near 3. 3Near
@KriptoRaptor will make the presentation.
09.00 Am - 05.00 Pm (8 hours) I will stop at the booth. I will explain Near wallet opening and the Near ecosystem to those who want to learn about Near.
We will have gift items at the stand. A gift will be given to the first 100 people who open a Near Wallet. ( Cup-Pencil-NoteBook-Sticker…)
I will stand at the stand.

We will be guests of the 3+1 program.
What is the 3+1 program?
It is a program in which people from various sectors make conversations on https://www.instagram.com/ieeeyalovauni/ live broadcast. (Online Event)
@crypto_blckhntr @KriptoRaptor and @REK will participate in this program.
Also,I am inviting @OkanCaptain @dadathoo_crypto @Kemal @MezonQuark @norrec99 @eadsoy @ozanisgor .
Date: April 1st. (It’s not a joke, it’s real :D)

We will organize Tea&Talk in May.
This event will be offline.
I am the event speaker.
Near ecosystem, Job opportunities, Trainings, Projects will be explained.
Presentation: Near Turkey - Google Slides
I won’t be too attached to this presentation. The Tea&Talk will be an activity accompanied by conversation.
It will take 3 hours.
The end of the presentation will be a kahoot game. The top 3 will receive 16 Near prizes. 1. 8Near 2. 5Near 3. 3Near
Date: May 11
Location: Google Maps. (offline Event)
A photo from last Tea&Talk event. This women work in Trendyol. She talk about DevOps.

Everyone who is close to Yalova can participate in the offline events. (YUCON and Tea&Talk)
Here is the Proposal for 3 events Proposal YUCON - Tea&Talk -3+1 - Google Sheets .
When I made this proposal Near was $12 now 1 Near is $17.67(Binance Global 05/04/2022 00.24 UTC+3). Thus I need $4594,2=260Near. Wallet: remziemrekahveci.near


Good evening.

From me - would be great to include in this pack Nearbox with information about Near and links on

  • Near web-site
  • Twitter
  • TG group
  • Education portal, Human guild, etc.


Thank You for great job. I saw your fantastic report from Ankara.

Happy to support your proposal :tr:


How did this idea not come to my mind :sweat_smile:
I will prepare a Nearbox design similar to this one as soon as possible.


thanks. we are coming in hot. working on huge startups background. planning to deliver one of best education contents for devs. it’s not only gonna make sound in Turkey but also worldwide :smirk:

also this Near Box idea is great. it explains all. I wonder if we improve it with a redpocket because instructing and sending activation Nears for large groups is a pain in the as… @REK ?


Let’s discuss this tomorrow and prepare it.


@MktngDAO_Advisors :grinning:

I would love to be there, but unfortunately, the event is already next week, I can not plan so quickly. :sweat_smile: I hope to be at the next event!


At worst, I will attend one of the meetings,i think it will be Tea&Talk meeting. I am happy to be a part of this beautiful community.


Let’s keep in touch. I will transfer the content of the speech I will make to you. maybe if you want to share your knowledge and experience.


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I will organize lots of online events.
You will definitely be available for at least one :grin:.


you forgot >>> exhibiton stand+stand staff+conference speaker+organization

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I updated the funding request.
Budget $4594,2


:wink: Why don’t you invite @Dacha and @David_NEAR, Don’t you want them to see Turkey?

:hugs: I am very much looking forward to participating in the great enlargement events… :rocket:


I’m thinking of large-scale online events in the summer. I will invite them to those events :smile: .
But they can watch the live broadcast of YUCON :sunglasses: .


all friends are invited to conference and exhibition. tea-talk is up to you :smirk:
food and transportation of Near Community members will be covered by NF
ps. @OkanCaptain @crypto_blckhntr @dadathoo_crypto confirmed that they are attending YUCON 2022 Yalova Exhibition and Conference


lol, i don’t think they can make it.

but… I’m dreaming of a greater event in which they might be interested and not just them but a lot of people from all crypto space

Let Me Tell You Something GIF by Your Happy Workplace

Crypto Expo International Istanbul 2024 :smirk: :rocket: :brain:


You can’t be serious. You’re talking about something like a volcanic eruption. :innocent: :hugs: :rocket:


I will definitely join the online events :+1: :smiley:


Man, I wish I could be there, having a Turkish tea with you and talking about the NEARverse. Hopefully soon! :white_heart: