[Report] Weekly Telegram Report (13-20DECEMBER)

Weekly Telegram Report for December (12-20)

Previous weekly telegram report can be seen here

Statistics from Near Protocol Telegram Official

Here is our top members of last week:

Total members 36.7K >>>>>> 39.99K
Total posts 233.9K >>>>> 245.3K
Viewing members 7.6K >>>>>>> 8.7K
Posting members 1.1K >>>>>>> 890

All of the metrics has shown positive interaction.
Some of the important events behind such interaction are :-

Feedback: Including #hashtag while asking questions shown a significant decline in amount of bots asking questions, we received 57 questions in which 19 were suspected to be bots questions and after discussion with senior moderators, they were removed.
[If some real users got banned by mistake, pls give us a message(On TG,DM @Kripto_Raptor @larry_lang @kv9990 ) and we would unban u ASAP, NO questions asked]
And please remember, under no circumstance, ADMINS would ever DM you first to provide support.
During last AMA, we had over 300+ bot’s questions so it’s a great improvement.