[Report] Weekly Telegram Report (1-8JANUARY)

[Report] Weekly Telegram Report (1-8 January)

Previous weekly telegram report can be seen here

Statistics from Near Protocol Telegram Official:

Here is our top members of last week:

Total members 37K >>>>>> 51.1K

Total posts 252.8K>>>>>280.3K

Viewing members 7.3K >>>>>>> 23.3K

Posting members 735 >>>>>>> 3.1K

All of the metrics has shown positive interaction.
One of the important events behind such interaction is :-

We had a huge inflow of members due to the airdrop so Community Squad initial response was to enable underattack mode which banned all users who came so we asked users to DM me! And then airdrop groups with 50k+ subscribers asked their subscribers to DM me and my DMs were flooded!

I did received 20+ DMs per minute and at the end replied to every message (1169 DMs) asking to join again and asked their usernames if they were banned. Then manually unbanned many of them and received alot of Thanks !

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Oof, absolute champion team - complete respect guys! Awesome job :tada:

Star Trek Applause GIF


Lol thank u @Kv9990 for replying to all the DMs