[Report] VanDAO Monthly Report - June 2022

Monthly Report - June 2022

It has been a relatively slow but solid month of June for the VanDAO. Despite losing 25% value in NEAR the previous month we have been finding a way forward and still making the impact we’ve set out to make.

For those who don’t know the work I put in on a regular basis in support of the NEAR ecosystem, promoting the various tools and amazing communities, it’s hard to quantify it into a funding proposal, nor do I want to do so, just that it’s important for me to note this here for the record moving forward with the future goals of VanDAO.

Project Updates:

Spacesuit Apocalypse Live

We had an amazing event in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the drop of my latest single “Spacesuit Apocalypse”, together with friends inside the amazing Drum Asia venue on June 9th.


Rare Vandal x Samtoshi - Comic Book PFP Project

Due to a lot of travelling and the inability to connect over June we have not had much more progress to report on this project, other than what was mentioned in the proposal and what’s to come through July and into August. Funds have yet to be disbursed.

Music NFT Workshops - Malaysia

I hosted two awesome workshops in Malaysia while I was there. The response was really good and the onboarding is still in process as I’m waiting on the email addresses from the first event on the 13th, and still need to send the Near Drops to the last one we did on the 26th. Here are the posters that were created.

VanDAO Studio - June Lineup

We had a busy month in the studio over in Lisbon!

With some interior design upgrades as well as amazing musical broadcasts with @plantasia! Check out one of them below…

Astrea - Plantasia #7 - YouTube

Other Notables:

  • Supported Masia One and connected with Near Malaysia via one of the venues called Dou Houz on 15th June for a live SoundSplash event (DAOrecords)
  • I spent the month in Malaysia before heading back to Canada (where I am now).
  • Always supporting the ecosystem! Dropping Spacesuit Apocalypse on Tamago shortly!!!

Let’s rock!!!