[Report] VanDAO Monthly Report - July 2022

Monthly Report - July 2022

There have been many trials and tribulations this month of July and as we intended to do more we were unable to do so. Partially due to the late arrival of funding for our July proposal and partially due to personal obligations and issues.

Let’s jump in to the recap as it stands!

Project Updates:

The Canvas by VanDAO

It’s been slow going on this project. We don’t have any updates and haven’t issued any payout yet. We’re aligning ideas and might need to bring in another person to support in order to push forward The Canvas by VanDAO.

NFT Beat Club #2

Due to the late arrival of funding (as of now we still haven’t received July funding) this event has been pushed to August 18th and will take place at Tahona in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Poster is in progress. We will have DJs and an Art show by Edofuku!

VanDAO Studio - July Lineup

Our collaboration with @plantasia continues in Lisbon at the VanDAO Studio! Here’s the monthly report for June/July.

Other Notables:

  • Spacesuit Apocalypse is live on Tamago! Have a listen here