[REPORT] The Wrong Biennal Workshop


We participate at The Wrong Bienal
creating a Pavillion, with our mintbase store

We develop a concept workshop, managed and curated by @brunoqual where he helped the artists to choose their material, or work at newones under the concept of creativity, sensorial and emotional critereas.

The name of the Pavillion was choosed by The Clan Council under The Wrong Standards and
is called “O Imaginário Pavilhão de Desencontros do Acaso” or something like “The Imaginary Pavilion of Unrendezvous by Randomness” (??)

We develop a image to represent our pavillion stand

After that we suggest that artists with material share trough our googe drive, material to became a collab, and we got some new pieces.
We intent to mint all of the work as NFTs also.

We create a playlist of videos with the work of 11 artists that lenght more then a hour

It still under maintenance as the official release is at november, 1st

We created some near DAO material to mix at the playlist, as a artistic mention of them.

Some examples:

And heres our Pavillion

All of the project began at 15th Sept

Thank you for all of the participants
blu simon wasem, carolina cavenaghi, duocelot, frado, johandson rezende, kiko gasparian, kannon, mailza bernard, natasha cremonese, rafael tavares, the philosopher and our curator brunoqual