[Approved] ETH Denver Music Video x Egg-a-Thon #SaveTheEggs

Appendix 1: “Near Digital Collective application form

Section 1 - DAO/Project Information

  • Rhyme Taylor on behalf of DragonVerse
  • Road to ETH Denver and $BLACKDRAGON Music Video
  • January 2024.
  • Gaming/Marketing
  • Community Gaming and NFT

Section 2. Previous Funding

Have you received funding for this project from any source?


Any source of funding. This may include NEAR Foundation Grants, and existing GDAOs, among others.


Section 3. DAO URLs

DAO / Project Website


Social Media Distribution Channels

Twitter and Telegram.
Soon to be BoS

Is Your DAO/Project Targeting a Specific Country?


Which region will your DAO/ Project support? Usually, regions can be defined by their language. North American Central, South America & Caribbean (Spanish), South America (Portuguese), Europe, Asia, Africa, Asia Pacific, Middle East, or international by fact

The project has an international audience but this specific activation is for attendees of ETH Denver

Section 4. Applicant Information

Name of Point of Contact: Rhyme Taylor

Link to Governance Forum/near.social Profile

NEAR Wallet ID: charm3d.near

Wallet ID that will be receiving funds: charm3d.near

Country of Residence: United States

Twitter, Telegram:@rhymetaylor

Additional Relevant Links (add any other links to resources that highlight your work or involvement with NEAR ecosystem. This may include your portfolio, GitHub, etc.)

***** 4000+ eggs sold in first week of Dragonverse Eggs.

Executive producer of ETH Milan art x tech activation for creatives dao. I did not approve budget but I did lead operations in its entirety. https://twitter.com/sharddog/status/1710684257549492636

Marketing/Branding Assistance for Engage-a-thon at NEARcon https://twitter.com/monzaNFT/status/1725410991721046173

Section 5. Team Members

  • Rhyme Taylor will be coordinating the experiential activation.
  • David Morrison will be assisting in the marketing and performing music video that will be used as a promotional tool and vehicle for further onboarding.
  • Jeff Gold of NearHub will be providing the backend tech for dragonverse
  • ShardDog will provide onboarding QR codes for music video which will also include a random selection of dragon egg NFTs.
  • Mintbase and Minsta gameplan to coordinate more content onsite.
  • Bodega Labs is also a core contributor to the DragonVerse

Section 6. Experience

What related qualifications, experience, or track record does your team bring to this initiative?

we sold over 4000 eggs in our first week of the dragonverse and the dragon eggs.
We had two different affiliated collections reach the top five NFT projects in all of NEAR.

12+ years of experience in branding/marketing/PR with an emphasis in events. Three years working with NEAR Ecosystem projects.


1,000 QR Codes Collected at ETH Denver

100K Music Video Impressions on Twitter

50 Pieces of Original Visual Content Distributed Across Socials

3 Podcast Interviews

2 Twitter Spaces

Section 7. DAO/Project Charter/White or Litepaper and Goals

Project Overview: Presentation with a short High-Level 6 bullet points summary:

The Road to ETH Denver and Egg-a-thon is a collaboration inspired by the $BLACKDRAGON community meme token. It will be used to leverage several projects while creating an educational platform for musicians in a renewed approach to Near x Music.

  • A music video will be released via ShardDog at ETH Denver
  • Each video QR copy contains dragon eggs from NEAR DragonVerse collection.
  • Eggs received will be randomized by 1, 6, 12, or 13
  • A Golden Egg grand prize. TBD
  • QR Codes will randomize alternate album covers.

Music Education

The music industry is still much of an enigma, even to the artists themselves. We are using this as a chance to begin creating a stronger foundation for educating artists, especially musicians about the opportunities brought to them by web3.

Core Themes:

  • New Distribution Models Offered in Web3
  • Artist Royalties
  • Masters
  • Building and Owning Your Economy

To further expand on our experiential context to these themes, we will be auctioning off the MASTERS of the song and music video recorded by David Morrison on the new Near x Music page in collaboration with Mintbase.

Additionally, we will be doing podcast interviews and hosting Twitter spaces with key influencer accounts to publicize the auction further and discuss the advantages artists have moving on-chain.

(Mission, Vision, Core programs and how they align with NDC’s NDC CoA Vision, team, and requested budget for the next three months)

Budget Total: $8900

What Problem Are You Aiming to Solve?

We need more high-level content and context for our suite of projects leveraging NEAR. With this activation, we are able to create anchor pieces of high-quality content and interject ourselves at one of one the biggest conferences in the U.S. which has the potential to resonate with non-crypto native audiences, but also amplify the attention of the current memecoin emergence.

DAO/Project Charter;

  • How can your DAO / Project achieve NDC priorities, goals, and KPIs?
  • Roadmap of your DAO/project, Milestones, and achievements

February 4th-10th:
Social Content:

  • Tongue-in-cheek clips of David (D.Mo) and team getting ready for transatlantic travel from London to Nashville and a glimpse into the life of an international superstar.
  • Posted on Twitter

Other To-Dos

  • Create and Order Any Marketing Supplies/Merch
  • Coordinate with KOLs to align coverage.

February 11th-17th:
Social Content:

  • Tease BTS Footage from in Studio.
  • Podcast Appearance #1

February 18th-24th:

  • NEARWEEK Cover Story Goes Live w/ teaser clip from the completed music video
  • Illia changes pfp to egg/tweets teaser clip of music video
  • Other KOLs and Key Influencers Also Change pfp/tweet
  • Podcast Appearance #2

February 25th-March 3rd:

  • Team arrives on-site at ETH Denver. D.Mo plays into character and paparazzi follows to capture all the content.
  • Coordinate with NEAR-related projects attending ETH Denver
  • Arm everybody with MINSTA gameplan
  • Goal: 20 Minsta Ambassadors on and off-site
  • Stickers/QR codes are hidden in plastic Easter eggs and dropped around the venue and side events.
  • Podcast Appearance #3 releases (pre-recorded)
  • Podcast Appearance #4 w/ Podcaster from outside NEAR eco recorded at ETH Denver

March 4th- March 10th:

  • Write Post-ETH Denver Report w/ milestones, metrics and other qualitative anecdotes.

Section 8. Budget

Projected Budget for the next three months (In USD for each Task/Milestone)

Music Video Shoot w/ David Morrison February 10th:

Videographer: 800

After Effects Editor: 800

*Almost 82% of all content consumed online was video in 2023. A high-quality produced video will penetrate through the sea of monotony and dead scrolling. The algorithm also gives priority viewing to higher-quality visual content. High-Quality video and content are imperative not only for this project but for the greater good of NEAR,

On-Site Eth Denver
Social Media Specific Content Creator For Photo/Video/Reels (6 days): $2,000

*social media content including reels will be turned around for same-day use on socials.

Marketing Materials: $1,000

*options to consider include flyers, eggs, stickers, posters, stands, cards, lanyards

Merch: $500

*options to consider include t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, socks

NEAR-affiliated projects wear branded merch with QR codes to collect the music video.


Project Management + Coordination: $2,500

Travel: $1,300

  • Links to Similar Proposals from Near Foundation, existing GDAOs, Near ECO (if applicable)

What is the length of Commitment to Delivering Your Project? Will your team be working on this project full-time?

Yes. 4 weeks of preparation from today but planning started several weeks ago. With a week of post-event promotion.

Will your team be fully renumerated from this budget? Yes.

Section 9. Project/DAO longevity

Does your project/DAO require one-time or continuous funding?

This particular activation is one-time funding.

Will your DAO/Project device way of sustaining itself after this round of funding?

Yes. This is a promotional tool and vehicle to synergize a handful of top projects on NEAR and NEAR as a whole, including:

  • ShardDog
  • Blackdragon
  • KeyPom
  • Mintbase
  • Minsta
  • NEARHub
  • Meteor Wallet
  • Dragonverse

What are the possible roadblocks to the success of your project/DAO?

There are always unpredictabilities with any tech offering. Our goal is to make things as simple as possible with as many ways to engage where people are.


Examples of Posters I have already made for the event.


Rhyme, this is brilliant and it’s wonderful having the opportunity to work with you on a small portion of this.

Naturally, I have a conflict of interest I should declare (I’m in the video we’re creating), however there’s a few key points I’d like to highlight.

Music Video Shoot w/ David Morrison February 10th:
Videographer: 800

This is remarkably great value for what it is. We’ve hired the Founder of the same production team behind much of NEARCON’s content (from the Foundation publication side).

The NEAR Community so welcomed that team, they’re more interested in getting involved than ever (incredible welcome from everyone at NEARCON, kudos to all!).

Finally, it’s no secret to existing NEAR Community members that @rhymetaylor is, unironically, “all in”. He’s a pleasure to work with, an incredible light in the memecoin communities (EXCEPT FOR THAT DANG HEDGEHOG /s), and has been building in the NEAR ecosystem for >2y (correct me if I’m wrong).

He’s done so almost entirely without payment from funding verticals (even from back in the day when we used to chime in on $10k book clubs, remember?! haha!)

The initiative is a wonderful blend of creativity and on-chain activity.

And, after all, it’s the year of the dragon :dragon:


I appreciate the co-sign, as well as, your faith in the project and idea.

It will officially be three years in March that I began our journey into NEAR and connected with members of NEAR Foundation about our initial ambitions.

Though I have received funding in the past for a couple proposals, they were just to cover modest expenses. It wasn’t until the last two recent events that I received any personal remuneration, which was still significantly below market value for an agency or freelancer with my background, and the scope of the work (forum admins get paid more monthly than I have been paid total for the two events I was paid for). I’ve turned down far more for the greater good.

This activation too falls significantly under market value for costs in scope of work and ROI.

I’m infinitely grateful for the opportunities the near eveosystem has provided me. However, I do feel strongly about being more assertive in the value I bring to the ecosystem. But I’d also like to bring more value to the community at scale.

I’m all in.


Hi @rhymetaylor thanks for the proposal. I am happy to support this for a one-time grant from the Marketing DAO. While we’re supporting funding for far fewer IRL events than we have in the past, here’s my reasoning on why this is a good fit:

  • The project brings together a number of different strong contributors to the ecosystem in an innovative with that leverages multiple brands
  • While the video itself is technically a creative project, it is the cornerstone and key element to the wider marketing initiative outlined, which is to drive interest and engagement in the NEAR ecosystem and projects that include Mintbase, ShardDog and $BLACKDRAGON
  • One of the goals is to educate artists and musicians on real-world use cases for NEAR.

Note that we will ask you to report on the outcomes of the deliverables listed here. If some are speculative vs. confirmed, it would be ideal to update this post so that there’s a clear outline of what you’ll be reporting on in the future should funding be approved.


Hi @rhymetaylor thanks for the proposal. I note that you have support and collaboration for this event with @David_NEAR and appreciated the opportunity to discuss your project in our recent call.

If approved, please ensure that you submit a Report (including photos and links to the video)

Happy to support.

@marketingdao-council repost of proposal on BOS https://near.org/ndcdev.near/widget/MDAO.App?page=proposals&id=1706808503671


Thank you for the support. I’m looking forward to putting together the report.
To your note, the formal press release with newswire distribution has been removed, as NF no longer has a newswire account for distribution.

Thank you Carl. I’m looking forward to it.

Happy to support your proposal. Looking forward to seeing your report.

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Thank you for the continued support. :pray: