[Report] Studio 2 Remodeling - Final update

This is the final update of the Studio 2 remodeling. After 5 months working in this new work place i can say that we made a good work and we’re super happy with the result.
I will post some pics to show you how it is and you’re always invite to visit me and hear the result.
Now this studio can help people that want to work from music production and post production to Cinema Sound Design.

In the previous report i showed you how it was until we started the audio analysis, so we could understand where are the needed places to put the acoustic panels.
Before the remodeling our biggest problem was to control the Low frequencies and the audio was way confused, so this time we put the bass traps in all corners to cut all 90 degree angles as possible and we made four cork panels to control the Mid and High frequencies in the sweet spot of the studio (the place where the sound engineer is hearing. Its calculated in equilateral triangle between the speakers and the sound engineer spot).

Thanks guys for the support!
From now on the Studio 2 is a place that people will feel inspired and focused in their music.
Feel free to ask me something.

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