[APPROVED] - Studio 2 remodeling


Creation of a fund to help remodeling the production, mixing and mastering Studio 2.
I’ll use the funds to step up the acoustics and work conditions.
This fund it will help Arroz residents to make their mix and master works, on the projects they cooperate.

Project members:

*Pedro Gonçalves (pmcg.near)

I’m requesting the funds for the following:

  • 15USD to buy shoulder pads for the acoustic door.
  • 250USD to buy a sound isolation door frame.
  • 100USD to buy isolation rubber for the acoustic door.
  • 30USD to close two doors inside of the studio with bricks and cement.
  • 350USD to buy all the hardware necessary to make the construction.
  • 405USD for labor guy.
  • 7N to create Studio 2 Mintbase Store.

Total Request - 1150USD / 147N + 7N (Mintbase) = 154N

Target - pmcg.near


-I’m a sound engineer, graduated in IPA (Instituto Superior Autonomy de Estudos Politécnicos), with several years of experience in the area of sound design as well as sound productions for theatre, dance and musical shows.

-I intend to work on this project as a sound engineer helping the artists to develop their work and support them with future releases. The studio will be prepared to record all kinds of sound related projects like electronic albums, podcasts, sound branding, etc…

  • The objective of this fund is to conclude the construction of a high-end sound design and post production studio available for music creators and all kinds of entrepreneurs that wish to work in a professional and cooperative environment.

-I’ll equip the studio with my own electronic devices and acoustical foams.

-Studio 2 will be available to Arroz resident artists and to people outside Arroz that want to use this studio for their projects.

-Arroz residents will be able to use Studio 2 with a lower fee, as they are members of this community.

-I intend to create Studio 2 Mintbase Store in order to produce NFTs from the music produced in the studio as well as promotional videos and other kinds of merchandise that the artist intend to sell.

-This small studio, from now on baptized as Studio 2 is an ongoing project imagined and brought to life by me as a life goal. It is growing as needed and its the continuation of a personal project i have for many years.

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