[Report] XSober Record Label Progress - November

In order to update our report from October about the approved proposal to lunch XSOBER Record Label, here’s the progress:

  • We spent 60USD for promotion on facebook of our event on the 11th December.
  • We Spent 90USD on flyers for the event of 11th December.
  • We spent 125USD on the photos for the press kit
  • We spent 200USD on the canvas
  • We had an extra expense of 155 USD for our event for the artists, given the current restrictions.
  • Our promo video is still being negotiated with a video production facility which is also working on finding the right location for it. Due to Covid restrictions the shooting will be delayed for February.
  • We spent 55USD to make the artwork for our December party.

Report of the remodeling Studio 2:

The studio is still in remodeling process. We submit some pics about the progress from zero, so you can see what we made and how’s going.

We spent this money to buy all the equipment for this remodeling:

  • 15USD - Shoulder pads for the acoustic door.
  • 250USD - Sound isolation door frame.
  • 100USD - Isolation rubber for the acoustic door.
  • 50USD - Bricks and cement.
  • 350USD - Hardware necessary to make the construction.

We started to take out all the equipment and the previous isolation. Then we close the two doors we had inside with bricks and cement to reduce the maximum noise possible coming from outside. While we were waiting for the walls to dry we started the main door process.
This main door was assembled with MDF for the main boards, two layers of stone wool isolation inside and oak wood for the frame. After having assembled the door we started to make the door frame in the wall and making tests of the door dimensions inside of the frame. This process took us some time cause we were sanding wood in the zones we saw were not closing well. (This process is almost done).
After the walls are dry we started to assembled the corks in the walls and cleaning all the sand we had from the beginning of this remodeling.
Now we’ll start the audio analyzing process so we can understand where we need to put the acoustics foams to reduce unwanted frequencies.
We also changed all the electricity system for new cables, new power connectors and new lighting gutters.

To be updated when new things are done.


Thanks for the report guys. Look forward to see your studio up and running!

Looking good @pmcg can’t wait to come visit when it’s all ready!