[REPORT] Social Media | Instagram & Telegram | July 2022

NxM Guild Social Media Team :
Councils: @rhymetaylor, @williamx & @Monish016
Twitter: @AugustKinge
Instagram: @Sleezy_Moss
Discord: @Sammiee
Telegram: Co-Handled by @Sleezy_Moss & @AugustKinge
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Joined the Social Media team for NxM Guild on March 23rd, 2022 as per request from the Guild’s councils to handle and co-handle the Guild’s official Instagram and Telegram channels respectively. I was honour to serve the NxM Guild after being a member since late 2019/ early 2020.

This month, a lot of events and posts are shared through NxM Instagram, the communities are very active with events this months. There has been 329 accounts reached with more than a thousands impressions throughout month. Our content interactions gained 70% boost with 199 compared to last month with 64 accounts engagements. NxM is 2 followers away to its goal of 300 followers; a 7.1% boost from the previous month. Overall the month of July has been a productive month personally for NxM and its growing communities.

Attachments below indicate the further details on the Guild’s Instagram’s growth throughout the month of July:

Currently the Guild have 644 members during this time of writings, the telegram community group should probably have around 680+ members by now but I’ve took the time deleted most of the accounts that marked as Deleted Account and that’s the reason for the decreased numbers of NxM telegram group although new members did popped up and joined in during the month of July.

The Top 5 NxM Songs on Tamago is still can’t be fulfilled due to most of the members failed to fill up the google sheet, as only 20 members have filled up and only 5 of them have a Tamago account. I will remind them to fill up the form more often for the month of August.

Attachments below indicate a more details on the Guild’s Telegram Analytics:

What to expect in August?

  1. Will try to push the Guild’s Instagram followers to 350 and more video related posts
  2. Encolouring members to fill up the Top 5 NxM Songs on Tamago sheet

NEAR wallet name: sleezymoss.near
Total requested funds: $300

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Thanks Sleezy.

Question, have you started doing anything with IG reels? I think it be a good strategy to begin prioritizing, as IG’s platform done the same.


Yes I’ve planned to do that as well but videos are quite limited at the moment since most DAOs in the community only shared pictures at most, I did shared videos during the event I managed to attend for DJ Dao. For august I got a MV by one of the community member to be shared on IG.

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Word. We can continue conversations in the group chat, but I’d like to see if we cant put together a more consistent video strategy, and what that content would need to be so we arent dependent mostly on footage from events.

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video compilations or music video would be fitting but we need to make sure the community members cooperate and provide the materials to be shared.

Thats a challenge for sure. I think our responsibility as leaders in the group is to help establish a foundation and infrastructure conducive to getting done the things we need, including the messaging and information we want to project. . And that may be on us (myself, council, others) to set the precedent of putting together videos that will be a resource for our community on the inside, and those looking in from the outside.

Currently, we have plenty of artists, but not enough of an audience or fans, and i think we will continue to have that disproportionate ratio in web3 until the space matures and general audiences catch up.

I want to help close that gap. I dont have the all the answers, but wanted to get the gears turning in creating some strategies that will be valuable to potential audiences, more than the artists. and I think we can do that through resourceful video content. So many artists are looking at what they can get from an audience and i want us to hyper focus on what we can give to those we are looking to connect with.