[REPORT] May-June 2022 GoaDAO report

Monthly Report : May 2022
Project Name: GoaDAO
Project Status: in progress
Project members:

current account balance on Astrodao: goa-dao.sputnik-dao.near 4150 USDT (funds for Marketing June)

Balance: current account balance 1265 USDT on goadao.near
[600USD less because of crypto crash :arrow_heading_down:]

This month of May we’ve applied for support of 2 creative activities:

  1. NFT-cajon and Course of drum lessons as NFT-collection on Mintbase,
    Minting process has been initiated here: cajonmajon.near on Mintbase



lessons and exercises are both in the final stage of video editing.
the first lesson with lockable content using https://vault.varda.vision/ is minted :
the first exercise is here : https://www.mintbase.io/thing/tFAwF4xyzX0I_hw-MN6Yk6jMKQO-Yik_IDAmxiwFyGI:goadaostore.mintbase1.near

we thought that

but it took longer because of video editing process

now we plan to finish it during first half of June
and in the middle of June to perform

also we plan to invite NxM and beatDAO by sending to members NFT-drops of 3xr-galleries consist of 13 exercises, as an invitation to create more collabs :slight_smile:

. Timing is our main teacher here and we’re studying to calculate it more properly.
. we’ve proposed to Astro devs team to create notification alarm when funds are recieved on astro-dao wallet of a dao :smiling_face: (not to lost the rate when market is such non-stable)

  1. GoaDAO Metaverse gallery and streaming point
    this part has been done:

and we’re happy to present CV parcel of GoaDAO : Voxels
grateful to @gushlewis and @vandal

Amazing useful workshop we’ve accepted from @GeminiRising
9 participants have passed it online and offline on common meetup in Goa
some of us has created 1st wearable during 1st lesson!

this part of plan:

is connected to NFT-contest with uniqart from proposal to Marketing DAO (this party has to become the final of contest ) -

but the NFT-contest is approved for June, so this activity and the sum for it we’re shifting to June as well.

Proposal in May
funds details:
from 2600 USD it was paid only 400 USD in N for building parcel
then 250 (voxel art-class) and 100 (rent CV parcel) was transferred to Astro in USDT back so it could be proposed by prof and rental.
2600-400-250-100 = 1850 USD it has to rest, but because of crypto crash we have just 1250 USD. 600 USD is lost because of rates changed faster than we could notice. :worried: the amount is still on near.wallet of goadao (not on Astro) because all this time we hope for NEAR retests the level of 7$, but it’s not.
if there is any opportunity to give us allowance to recompense this amount? if it would be possible :pray: or if we can add it to our June (very small) proposal?
appreciate any recommendation and advice

have a good day !

Creatives DAO proposal in April

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[Concluding Report as far as projects are performed and finished]

Report for : June 2022
Project Name: GoaDAO
Project Status: completed
Project members:
current account balance on Astrodao:
goa-dao.sputnik-dao.near = 320 USD (USDT; NEAR)

Projects and its highlights :

  1. NFT-cajon and Course of drum lessons as NFT-collection on Mintbase

we’ve performed this project like we winning multilayer quest-game - we’ve studied a lot from it, especially using Mintbase extentions like @3XR-galleries and Vault.Varda

Mostly report about this project’ results was collected when we’re inviting with announcing of gift-drop: Twitter ; Instagram_1 ; IG_2

Learnings was made here:

  1. GoaDAO Metaverse gallery and streaming point

the final part was performed in the end of our charity contest according to the plan in the proposal.

we’re inviting here :

as well as in social media (links above)
and mentioned about it here:

btw there’re contest results

-finally i’ve studied how to promote event in cryptovoxel that is very important cause i see CV as a place that functions instead adv card or website. as soon as GoaDAO will have its own NEARhub space , this parcel will become a gate for eth-users to NEAR Metaverse - performing marketing task to income new members from outside to NEAR platform.
-GoaDAO needs with more metaverse representing for spreading awareness about NEAR not only as CV-holders, but showing opportunities on NEAR.
-that’s why for the next month we’ve planned collaboration/partnership with just onboarded Create Protocol who’s team is encouraged to build metaverse space for GoaDAO

1.NFT-Cajon and Course of drum lessons as NFT-collection on Mintbase
1000 USD :
*shooting + editing of 44 short videos - 500 usd
*authors work on creation lessons - 200 usd
*minting to Mintbase, 3XR, vault.varda.vision ; nft-airdrops - 150 usd
*metaverse event moderation, promotion - 150 usd

2.GoaDAO Metaverse gallery and streaming point
the last part was paid
*metaverse party-exhibition (bounty DJset 100 + setup 100) = 200 usd
*nft-airdrops (to create and drop) wasn’t performed but these fund was paid to voxel-artist of goadao to prepare parcel for the exhibition - 100 usd

Still to be paid out : * Council Work 550 USD

Metric and Community engagement
is described fully in our marketing report and social media stats there

we would guess our projects are working for our purposes - to spread awareness about NEAR Protocol in Goa through supporting artists and maintaining events - offline and in Metaverse.
we see that as much collaboration we’re performing - as more people are interacting with us in Metaverse. This, in turn, works for us again by making people from offline/outside interested in GoaDAO activities and brings to us new artists . By the way every supported project (like NFT-cajons collection) increase trust and curiosity from outside target audience to GoaDAO that helps us to perform our mission :pray:

  • all the links to interact with GoaDAO can be found in our LINKTREE

Next steps - in the Next Proposal :slight_smile:

thnx, have a great day!

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