[Proposal] October MotionDAO: Kernel Block7

target wallet: spareworks.near
Total request to support my adventure and research inside Kernel Block7 $400 USD

My journey so far in Kernel Block 7 has brought me back to the fact that the body is our first technology, motion and movement affords all other technologies. As part of the Movement Guild in KB7 I have devised the following adventure:

The practice of dynamic embodiment (dance) produces valuable knowledge that is phenomenological, healthful, and innovative. This adventure is interested in identifying embodied praxis’ for use; democratizing the knowledge of dance.
This adventure also desires to decolonize the western understanding of dance and remember dance as a ritual based healing and as an inter-relational communal action.
This is a re-terming of dance and a returning to the knowledge of the body

I am engaging in various knowledge generating practices at the moment that are a part of my KB7 research and adventure; embodied writing practice (I will be traveling to Austin, TX tomorrow for the next session), and a 21 Day Play Practice with paper dancer and paper stage (I have completed 3 days so far), I am creating stop motion gifs to act as artifacts

Other work adjacent to MotionDAO and KB7:

  • utilizing the NFT as a way to archive the embodied writing texts and the stop motion gifs.
  • continuing to work on the experimental film zine and its accompanying digital embrace