[REPORT] NOVEMBER monthly report - CUDO DAO

Project Name: CUDO DAO

Project Status: [in progress]

Project Accounting: 157N account balance

DAO cudo.sputnik-dao.near

** Bounty payments pending on Postal (3x20N) the artist will request payments during the next week once we receive the jobs.

** Bounty payments pending on Vértebra (3x20N) the artist will request payments during the next week once we receive the jobs.

** Bounty writer (8N) and translation (3N) Something tells me - The writer will request payment soon.

** Interpret bounty PT-EN 4N waiting necessity

** Management Mintbase Vértebra 4N (the manager will request payments during the next week).

** Translation História de bagagem (2 videos = 4*2). The translators will request payments during the next week).

**Pre-production Retrato Falado (6N that will be requested soon).

Updated Project Timeline:
Postal - Projeto Fotográfico Urbano

  • After the new open call, we received the inscription of 3 new photographers from different cities and countries @veronique - Contagem - Minas Gerais (Brasil) @Ricardo Patrese - Feira de Santana - Bahia (Brasil) @JC Volotão - Betim - Minas Gerais (Brasil).
  • Some photos are already available in our Mintbase and will start being posted on our Instagram page one per day from December 1st.
  • On November 29 st we held a live broadcast on our YouTube channel with the 3 photographers we published during the month of November. There we talked about the photos and the experience of each one doing a project with us supported by NEAR.
  • During the broadcast, we invited our audience and 10 new interested parties sent us wallet requests, however, we are still waiting for the system to come back to work to create these wallets.

  • We’ll use the first week of December to make modifications to this project to improve our work for the year 2022.

  • Through this project, we’ll create 3 new portfolios.

  • We have published the version with English subtitles of the last live version with the September Postal photographers so that now more people in the community can enjoy this chat.

Vértebra - Projeto Ilustração

  • In this new Bounty, we received the registration of 3 new artists of different styles, @Belen_Zuazo, @Massi and @Yagolaredo.
  • The works will become available over this week in our Mintbase and will start being posted on our Instagram page one per day starting December 1st.
  • The logo for this project was created by our board member and designer @lucterra.
  • The Vertebra’s Instagram page is already being followed by more than 200 followers.

Algo me diz:

  • All new movies from algo me Diz are now available in our mintbase.
  • In November we invited a new writer @JulianaM to create 4 new scripts that will be translated by @parisinocencio that will be portrayed with our images in 4 new videos in 4 new locations (including places outside to Portugal).
  • The first video of the new season will be posted on December 10, and the others will be posted on Fridays (17, 24 and 31). On the same day, the NFT version will be made available on our MintBase.
  • On our Instagram page the Algo me Diz videos already have over 1000 views.

História de Bagagem:

  • The Youtube channel already has 48 subscribers and over 700 views.
  • On the Instagram page this project has more than 1700 views.
  • We shot 5 new videos during the month of November with: Rebecca (Canada), Moller (Brazil), Sandra (Germany), Dani (Venezuela), Lenon (Brazil).
  • All videos will be available on our mintbase next week and also on our YouTube channel.


  • The CUDO FILMES was invited to film the new episode of Whiteboard Series with NEAR.
  • Our Mintbase held 9 more sales during the month of October.
  • Our board member Heverton was invited to mint your new album on the nxm mintbase.
  • Our website is in the final stages of adjustment and will be published on this week:


  • This month we started thinking about the new rules for DAO’s at NEAR ECOSYSTEM and are ready to create new ways to keep our work going.
  • We made several important connections during the Whiteboard NEAR session with the mintbase staff.

Next steps:

  • Realize improvements to our projects.
  • Film the pilot of Retrato Falado.
  • Launch of our official website.

We hope this gives a clear picture of what we have been working on and what we still intend to do. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you!

Everyone is welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.

  • Instagram ( @cudo_dao )
  • TG ( telegrama: Join the group chat )

Twitter: @cudo_dao


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Awesome work, each month that goes by I’m prouder and prouder.

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