[Report] Queen’s Meta Pool Ambassador Activity report for June 2024

June at Meta Pool was all about MPDAO grants! I wanted to ensure the community was informed and engaged with this exciting program, so I ramped up my efforts on promotion and education.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the highlights:

Throughout June, I actively promoted the MPDAO grant voting process on X and LinkedIn, encouraging community participation.

Week 1: I was asked to wait while my work for May was being reviewed, in order to know if I qualified as an ambassador.
Which I did.

Week 2: We actively promoted voting for MPDAO grants and hosted an X Space with DND to explore the connection between Web3 community management and MPDAO grants.

Week 3: I discussed ImpactDAOs in an X Space session, showcasing how these organizations drive positive social and environmental change. I also shared a detailed post about MPDAO grants on X.
I also hosted Twitter Space had about 800 tuned in.
I went for a local meetup where I represented / talked about Meta pool. I shared the photos in the group and I also shared it on X.

Week 4: I wrapped up the month by writing a thread on meta pool June Monthly Recap,and I went ahead to keep sharing the latest updates about Meta Pool.
I also attended a local meetup, where I represented / talked about Meta pool and connected with other crypto enthusiasts.

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

June was a busy month filled with informative content and engaging discussions around MPDAO grants. As we move into July, i remain committed to empowering users, supporting innovative projects, and driving the adoption of DeFi solutions.