Meta Pool Monthly Report: June 2024 Mexico

As we move forward into the summer months, June 2024 at Meta Pool was a period of intense focus on MPDAO grants. We concentrated our efforts on promoting, educating, and engaging with our community about these grants through various activities and collaborations. Below is a detailed report of our activities and achievements throughout June 2024.

June Monthly Tasks 2024

Focus on MPDAO Grants

Our primary focus this month was on the MPDAO grants. We dedicated our resources to creating informative content and engaging with the community to raise awareness and participation in the grants program.

Infographics and Spaces

  • Created Infographics: Developed visually appealing and informative infographics summarizing key details about MPDAO grants, aimed at making complex information easily accessible.
  • X Spaces Around Latam Proposals: Hosted multiple X Spaces sessions to discuss various proposals from the Latin American community, fostering a deeper understanding and engagement with the MPDAO grants.

Community Engagements

Spaces with Different Communities

  • Epic Queen: Organized a collaborative X Space with Epic Queen, focusing on the impact of MPDAO grants and how women in tech can benefit from decentralized finance.
  • ETH MTY: Held an engaging X Space with ETH MTY, discussing the importance of multichain governance and the role of MPDAO grants in supporting innovative projects.

Weekly Tasks

Week June 3 - 7

  • Post About May Recap: Shared a detailed recap of Meta Pool’s activities and achievements in May on X, ensuring our community stays informed and engaged.
  • Space: Evolución de las Finanzas con la China Financiera: Conducted a dynamic X Space session on the evolution of finance with La China Financiera, discussing how decentralized finance is transforming traditional financial systems.

Week June 10 - 14

  • Promoted Voting for MPDAO Grants: Actively promoted the voting process for MPDAO grants on X and LinkedIn, encouraging community participation and engagement.
  • Space: Comunidades Web3 con Vara: Organized a collaborative X Space session with Vara, exploring the intersections of Web3 communities and the potential of MPDAO grants.

Week June 17 - 21

  • Space: ImpactDAOs: Hosted an insightful X Space session on ImpactDAOs, discussing how decentralized autonomous organizations can drive social and environmental impact through innovative projects.
  • Create a Post on X About MPDAO Grants: Shared detailed information about MPDAO grants on X, providing the community with essential details on how to apply and benefit from these opportunities.

Week June 24 - 28

  • X Space Session on MPDAO Grants: Conducted multiple X Space sessions to discuss the latest trends and updates related to MPDAO grants, continuing our tradition of open and interactive community discussions.
  • Create an Infographic: Developed another infographic to convey important updates about Meta Pool and MPDAO grants, enhancing our communication strategy.

As we advance into July, we are excited to continue our mission of empowering users, supporting innovative projects, and driving the adoption of decentralized finance solutions. Stay tuned for more updates and join us on this transformative journey.

This report encapsulates the diligent efforts and achievements of Meta Pool in June 2024, showcasing our ongoing commitment to community engagement and the advancement of the blockchain ecosystem.