[PROPOSAL] Project Manager | DAOrecords | April 2022

DAO Name: DAOrecords

Position: Project Manager

Previous report: [REPORT] Project Manager | DAOrecords | March 2022

Proposal for the month and year: April 2022


  • Close cooperation with Marketing Team (@_Tech1 & @Sleezy_Moss) in order to promote SoundSplash,
  • Creation of the marketing calendar for SoundSplash,
  • Close cooperation with A&R Team (@vandal and @masiaone) in order to manage and gather all info and details related to artists who are going to perform on SoundSplash,
  • Close cooperation with community leader (@Sleezy_Moss) in order to build better engagement on DAOrecords’ Discord (NEAR Mixtape vol.1 Giveaway),
  • Attendance and active participation in weekly meetings related to DAO operations.


The month of April will be significant for DAOrecords, as the team will have to finalize and close all matters related to the pre-launch of SoundSplash for the month of May. With that being said, I’m going to focus on close cooperation with the team members responsible for marketing in order to get proper exposure of SoundSplash, also I’ll focus on engagement within the DAOrecords community on Discord by working with @Sleezy_Moss, in order to make a giveaway of the NEAR Mixtape. This should bring BeatDAO and NxM community members into DAOrecords.

Apart from the above, I’m going to work with the A&R team in order to finalize artists’ needed details to properly launch SoundSplash in May.

Expected hours to contribute: 60

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Looking good for April. I’m sure this will also be updated as we go along, would also be an idea to include expected “hours to be committed” as well if you want!

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