[APPROVED] - Procd Dao Funding for July 2022

Project Name: PROCD DAO
Project Status: Proposal
New Dao: First Funding

Council Members

Destination address: procd.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: 930 DAI

Funding Period: July / 2022

Our Introduction: Procd Dao

Objective: The goal of our proposal this July is to continue the onboarding of the artists involved through the Make a Take proposal where the focus is to promote marginal art through music, create NFTs and at the same time introduce web3 and Near’s blockchain to the onboarded artists.
Capture artists and projects that do not have the necessary means to continue their artistic or social creation, thus creating a network of portfolios. To disseminate works among the platforms that you find necessary for your individual trajectory plan, expanding among your followers new media formats within web 3 through nfts.

Justification: Increase the number of artists within the Near and web3 network. Turn Make a Take a resident project and each month have a different guest. Create nfts through videos and photos. Generate content within the Take store to create the bridge between artists and their followers. Build bridges with the artist of the month and explore the stream service within the Near network through Tamago’s platform

Timeline: July 5th – 30st

Find below the projects that the Procd Dao has outlined to July

  1. Make a Take July - 650Usd In Dai
  2. Council Work - Each of our council members will receive the amount of 93.33 DAI making a total of 280 DAI

Projection: Besides the work of promoting marginal art, we will continue to do onboarding work with these artist collectives through our social networks where we already have a good amount of followers, because our work began a few years ago and we are planning to make this moderate migration of our audience to web3.
This work of onboarding, surveys, meetings and engagement in the social networks is already being done by the councils.
We are onboarding new members to Dao, who will do marketing work and a new visual identity for our networks and start a more intense work of communicating web3 to our public.

The importance of supporting our artists is very precious to us.
In this sense, we ask for 930 DAI so that we can support the community to keep growing

Regards Procd Dao



Hello @creativesdao-council could you take a look at our proposal? thank you so much


@Dazo can you add in the price for the “Make a Take” project to the proposal to clarify the price breakdown please?


Hi @ted.iv thanks for your contact.
This proposal already has this information, could you tell me if it is something more specific?
I’ll tag you in the proposal.

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Hello @Dazo , yes, I’ve seen and read through the proposal where the figure is, I’m requesting that you add it here to the main proposal also so that the breakdown is clear for everyone!


  1. Make a Take July - $650

Like you have done for the council work.
This is to make sure figures are easy to follow and well laid out.

Hope this makes sense


Nice … Thanks for explaining, I’ve edited it as per your request.


@Dazo thanks for updating, and I’m happy to say that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, and it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts .


Thanks @ted.iv our Dao is very happy with this approval and our first financing.
I will be creating the poll in the astro.

Best regards


do you plan to include NEAR logo on videos and to Instagram account?
Login • Instagram - now there is no mention about Near at all


Hi @johanga
Thanks for the comment. Procd is a collective that already exists years ago, the content that is published in our instagram are contents produced before Near.
We are becoming Dao this month, I am onbording the Dao team and the team that will work on our visual language and marketing. Soon we will be bringing content made from the Near Protocol incentive, this is our first month and we haven’t produced material yet.
Anyway I edited our profile description and we will start our first month as Dao.
Thanks for the suggestion, constructive comments are always welcome.


that’s great! thanks for the answer
also i’m curious (just for my own understanding with whom what kind of collaborations are possible) how this dao differs from other brazilian DAOs that are all working with artists, seems like ?


It’s been a challenge because all the members and artists that I am onboarding are people that don’t know web3, nft, blockchain and Near. It’s been a really cool experience, so this first moment the focus is to get them to know Near and our community better.

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