[REPORT] Primordia DAO I May 2022

Primordia DAO I Report I May 2022

Hello All,

Primordia DAO had a busy and expansive May!

Firstly, We onboarded 6 DAOs as planned:

  • Bridgit DAO: Bridgit DAO is a Meta-DAO that supports, catalyzes and/or launches DAOs focused on regeneration, cognitive freedom, and collective intelligence.

  • TulumCoin: TulumCoin is an initiative of Regen Tulum. TulumCoin’s purpose is to steward the development, launch, and operations of TulumCoin, a complementary local cryptocurrency for Tulum and the Mayan Riviera. Free in-network (peer to peer) transactions. 5% of withdrawals and tips on in-network transactions go to Regen Tulum’s regenerative projects fund.

  • Underhill Studio DAO: Underhill Studios works to form creative community by collaborating on unique, engaging art projects in communal settings.

  • Poncho Brothers DAO: We are a family owned cannabis company evolving the forgotten and ancient relationship between plants and humans.

  • Verse DAO: A permanent physical NFT gallery in Scandinavia for Web3 onboarding

  • Xibalba NFT DAO: A conservation project that will preserve a natural centoe museum of stalactite and stalagmite.

@adrianseneca and @godofnfts flew out TulumCryptoFest to meet in person with @shiftshapr @Cryptocoatl @regentulummich who will be collaborating with us in their TulumCoin DAO, Bridgit DAO, Sacred Water DAO projects! During this trip we made serval new connections with folks in which we are currently working on incubating DAOs with.



We had a successful DAO Creative Mixer where we held intimate conversations with our 10 guests introducing the concept of DAOs and answering any questions they had. We even onboarded Wood Street Evicition Defense DAO that day which is a DAO working to provide eviction defense for the Wood Street houseless encampment in West Oakland.


We partially funded the publication of Metaweb Book and submitted our draft the 500 word feature that will be highlighting Primordia DAO in the book:

“The Kin DAO (DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization) presents, Priomordia DAO, a year-long project DAO that can be experienced as a conceptual art exhibition of village building in the URL and IRL.

Emerging from Kindness Grocery Cooperative and The Kin DAO, Primordia is the next stage of village building in the metaverse and beyond. Primordia DAO is a project DAO serving as onboarding for traditionally excluded communities through art-based solutions. Primordia DAO was created in January of 2022 with the intention of onboarding 100 DAOs that collaborate to develop regenerative futures.

The name Primordia is rooted in The Kin DAO’s practice of building in the biomimicry of mycelium. The Kin DAO’s first project, Hyphae Art Exhibition, represented Hyphae the beginning filaments of a community mycelium network. As this network expanded the next phase began, called Primordia. Primordia often referred to as a knot, is the first point at which the development of a fruiting fungi body is visible to the naked eye. The social impact of The Kin DAO’s work begins to be visible through Primordia DAO.

After two years of actively cultivating solutions to the pressing issues of food insecurity, houselessness, poverty, fractured communities, and climate catastrophes, the founders of The Kindness Grocery Cooperative, Asya Abdrahman and Adrian Bello, transitioned their cooperative into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization called The Kin DAO in September of 2021. The Kin DAO employs blockchain tooling to bring equitable systems to the physical world through Art, Collective Land Stewardship, and Regenerative Systems Creation. Their main intention is to create systems that enable humanity to harmoniously transition into new paradigms of decentralization, cooperation, and regeneration both in the digital and real world.

By the end of 2021, The Kin DAO team recognized that in order to actualize their vision they would need to bridge the digital divide. The digital divide is the boundary between those who have technological access, knowledge, and skills and those who do not. Therefore, they founded Primordia DAO with the goal of facilitating the collaboration of 100 active, real-world communities as DAOs in order to magnify impactful projects and make accessible the Web3 space. Primordia DAO prioritizes onboarding projects focused on improving the social, psychological, economic, and ecological state of communities in an effort to boost those who are finding solutions to the challenges we are facing today.

Primordia DAO’s goal is to create collaborative digital villages built on real-world relationships that meet the needs of real communities. Success looks like collaboration and self-governance based on community-specific needs and values. Primordia DAO exemplifies the future of collaboration, coordination, and creative autonomous community building.”


@godofnfts and @adrianseneca, it was amazing to have you here in Tulum. There is much excitement here in Tulum for DAOs and Primordia DAO.

We partially funded the publication of Metaweb Book and submitted our draft the 500 word feature that will be highlighting Primordia DAO in the book:

And thank you so much for supporting the Metaweb Book! It was really helpful.

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Thank you @adrianseneca for a Great report :slight_smile:

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