[WEEKLY UPDATE] Bridgit DAO Weekly Update March 5, 2023

  • Met with Fab on Tulumcoin and the book cover
  • Attended online Regenerates event and ask them about use of tech
  • Read the article on regeneration and prepared comments
  • Attended Tulum Crypto Club meeting to meet 5ire.org
  • Attended meeting in the evening with 5ire
  • Pitched Tulumcoin with Golden Yogi to 5ire
  • Went to Eco Jungle Club networking event
  • Updated doc for summit on changing the web for good that informs change makers about the need to include the web in their problem definition and solution space.
  • Met with Jeremy Akers about summit
  • Met with Tulumcoin team about moving forward
  • Submitted proposal on to give Frances tokens and to put the token rewards on the website
  • Attended PHD meeting
  • Drafted letter about the Conscious Attention Economy document
  • Met with Tony Larchmont about Metaweb
  • Met with Wish about Tulumcoin
  • Met with James about NeoSoul DAO and DAOjo
  • Attended PCI’s Dave Snowden event
  • Was interviewed on on X-Pats IG Live
  • Watched video with Vint Cerf and Marc Prensky of PCI
  • Wrote Marc Prensky of PCI


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