[Report] Planting A.I.R October

October was a very busy month at Arroz and with a promise of lots of exciting change awaiting in the crypto weeks and around NREACON of course.

David Arranhado finished his wonderful mural, and @DanieleG did a video of David’s works and thoughts around the process and the piece. It is here: https://vimeo.com/640382973

Based on forum comments and feedback, and the delays due to funding focus developments, we have updated the evaluation report and the amended report can be found here:

Planting A.I.R. was ready to launch mid October but it was decided to seek funding from NEAR Education Grants instead of the monthly application for budget, and meetings around the project were planned for NEARCON. It was decided not to launch the open call until we had secured funds for a longer term project.

Meanwhile the ground has been laid for a much wider reach in terms of the communities we would like to connect with, and we are confident we will have a solid network spread and response when we do launch asap the open call asap.
We are also working with a number of small organisations and prospective partners including Renovar Mouraria, for the Fair Saturday project which is an international non-profit + non-consumerist community festival day to counteract Black Friday.

Therefore, while the education grant application is being processed we have the open call on hold and there are almost no expenses apart from Sam and Mette’s hours preparing the call out before NEARCON:

Mette: 8 hours x 2.5 NEAR = 20 NEAR
(Researching, writing and meetings)

Sam: 8 hours x 2.5 NEAR = 20 NEAR
(Researching, writing and meetings)

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