[Proposal] Plantasia’s project at VanDAO studio/ August

Hello beloved forum!

We are very happy to announce August’s plans and line up!

DJ sets

5/8 Phoebe (Radio Quântica/Planeta Manas)

TBA Bertrand

TBA Luís Pestana (live)

TBA Gadutra (live)

TBA Surprise guest

Make sure to follow us on YT
Plantasia LX YouTube Channel

Plantasia’s expansion:

Looking forward to exchange more music, artists and culture, we are creating an online radio: Plantasia FM!

The idea is to promote events and radio swaps/take overs every month and present interviews and informal talks with creatives from all corners of the world (and the internet). We already have future collabs waiting for us: Mondo Radio (Sheffield-UK), CyberDollz (Czech Republic), artists Joe Jess and Retropxssy (London-UK).

Some interviews will be recorded at VanDAO studios, giving the space an extra function.

The website’s designer will be selected via an open call and ideally we’d have it ready by the end of August.


Studio rent: 360 usd

Artists’ fees: 410 usd (each artist is being paid the equivalent of 80 euros)

Social Media promotion: 20 usd

Curators/staff/production: 970 usd

Equipment purchase/rent: 205 usd

Creation of stickers: 45 usd

Poster for the month: 40 usd

Website creation and domain: 400 usd

Snacks: 50 usd

Total amount: 2500 usd

Thank you for supporting the safest music scene!


Hello @plantasia ,
some great performances hosted so far, congrats!
I’ve got a few questions on this proposal:

Will these artists be onboarded and paid via their NEAR wallet?

Can you give a more detailed breakdown for these sections of the budget:

thank you!


Hello @ted.iv ! Thanks for the compliment! We are very happy with our selection and the results!

Answering your questions:

Yes, these artists will be onboarded and paid via their wallets.

We already talked about our work and costs with more detail in a previous post with a different moderator. You can find all the info here: Proposal details

Thanks for your support!


Also would like to add that Luís Pestana has been moved to September and Arrlomp will be performing in his place.


@plantasia , could you clarify what of the gear has been bought and what exactly will be bought with this 205$ as I cannot see exactly from the previous months comment and report! Thank you

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Hey @ted.iv !

All the gear that has been bought can be found on the link I posted previously plus in our latest report: June/July Report

As you can see in there, we rent cdjs and a mixer for 200 usd. The rest (15usd) goes toward our “vault”. It made possible for us to buy the needles and the rca cable (as stated on our latest report).

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