[REPORT] Onboarding Campaign for Crypto-Music Enthusiasts in Victoria Island Lagos


Onboarding these crypto enthusiasts into the NEAR Blockchain went as planned.
A total of 15 wallets were opened and activated.
We encouraged these wallet holders to use their wallets to send tokens for unlocking refreshments

A total of 15 NEAR wallets were opened and activated with the confirmed assurance of utility and understanding of what the NEAR Blockhain is about and the various portals of engagement involved.
















Infinite love as always

John X


Can you tell about this more? How much people attended and what did you explain about NEAR? Were you the only speaker?

  • Also the wallets should’ve been .near address John, this is incomplete for now.

As a newly audience I am sure they must have faced some query at some point, can you tell in brief what did they face and how you resolved partner?


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Hello, I have similar questions, I have seen you around for a long time on the forum, so in my personal opinion, u should have more experience to highlight the good and what needs to be improved…

as you are part of the #onboarding-dao council I was expecting more from this report,

not just because of the time you have around or the position of power you have on onboarding DAO where you have cast two votes only, only regarded to this your own project,

but also because you take your time to deliver this report, then you promised for 2 days ago… and well this as I said, in my personal opinion I had bigger expectations from this.


Absolutely agree on this!


Yes, we had 30 people attend the event, the event held on a sunday, an ideal time for the audience to be available after church since the pre-dominant religion here is Christianity

I told them about NEAR being a layer one blockchain platform that makes their crypto involvements easier due to its speed and affordable network fees and i kept a keen eye on the curious ones who had questions to ask, after the lecture… these are the only ones i onboarded and i had a private meeting with some of the coders that attended whence i told about NEAR open source needs for Dapp creators. I had to take time to avail these coders a full scale lecture of what i knew about the NEAR blockchain and its desire to expand

I already submitted this project before becoming onboarding DAO, and last time i checked, being a council member on a DAO doesnt put one in position of power

Anyone can have bigger expectations my friend, i really pride myself in the quality of education i availed these enthusiasts. It is not about quantity but quality,… and yes about the two day delay, i have been on some reflection lately after some things happening to me in some groups regarding my reputation, i’ve had some unsolicited smearing which i dont deserve and knocked me a little emotionally. This delayed the report and also made me lag in some other obligations i had to duty.
@zubairansari07 .near suffix correction observed
@FritzWorm I have seen you also around for a long time on the forum, i appreciate your effort and it really amazes me how you get to juggle all these engagements together. This project went well.

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Cool, I would just add here that the graphic has BTC & Dogecoin while the event was about NEAR? I understand not using the name directly but there should have been the logo of NEAR also atleast alongwith other coins you showed.

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Sure, The flyer has NEAR Logo at the top left and bottom of it and also, Notice the text in the lower part of it, says “Learn about the NEAR Blockhain” “Receive NEAR Tokens as gifts”.

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Yeah appreciate that text, I was talking about the front images where the BTC & Doge are!


As NEAR was an introductory initiative, i sensed it may not have attracted crypto enthusiasts since they might not have heard of it before, so i thought of the coins the lay people are familiar with or must have heard about as a means to entice.
Thanks for your kind demeanour
I am in quite an emotional phase,
I need to rest now

Infinite love as always

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Take Care, Have A Good Day! Hope You Get Well Soon!

Hello @JohnX ,
The wallets are not valid.
Please check and fix them.
Please add more details on how was spent funds by points

Also, do you organize the event together with @BarRack ?!

Do we have a problem? your demanour carries a lot of vendetta my friend,

This shows that maybe you have not been involved with onboarding lately, NEAR wallets now come with identities like that… i posted them and i was advised by Zubair to put the NEAR suffix which i did, and sorry you can copy them without the NEAR suffix and see that they are valid.
And also

This tone, looks like there is more to this scrutiny other than just normal inquiry, if you followed the post you would see that in this sequence of edits i added the NEAR suffix after being advised…

This is a completely irrelevant question related to the topic and i dont see any rationale to pay attention to it
What matters is the proposal to an event and the event approved, then the event happened with proof of imagery and active near wallets opened. So lets be objective and contextually polarized okay.

Yes, this is how funds were spent after trading NEAR

  • Renting of Gushland Event Place for 4 hours: $70
  • Musical Performances from upcoming 3 VI acts: $50 Each
  • DJ performance and music policy: $80
  • Creation of Digital flyer: $50
  • Printing of NEAR MERCH (Tshirts) for first 30 people to open NEAR wallets: $150
  • Beverages, Juice and light liquor for attendees (50 anticipated): $50 ($0.7 for soft drinks, $1.5 for Juice and $1 for canned beer)
  • Organization, management and execution of event for John X: $50


Hi John, Is asking some details a bad behaviour by me?

As a on-boarding DAO council & specially a community member in general, I think it’s not bad to ask questions & clear doubts/issues.

Idk why you felt bad about it mate!

Also Partner you said about my behaviour on the reply where I wished you good health. Please let me know how does that carry vendetta.



This is not what I meant friend. I meant the .near domain with the desired name wallet like most of us have. A feature that makes NEAR unique to have the desired address in minimal fee instead of writing long address which is hard to remember.

Example : xyz.near

I know there’s an additional fee now to claim this but there was a way to update on original proposal to cover the expenses if needed :slight_smile:

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Apologies for that, I was indisposed… Please check the quotes I answered… Am so sorry… It was not meant for you as you can see…
I was responding and you became the wrong recipient. So sorry

No worries mate. It’s Okay! :blush:

I don’t mind if that’s by mistake. :star:

Thanks for this awareness, I would see that i observe this in my subsequent onboarding initiatives. I would reach out to a couple of the onboarded folks and see who would be interested, any updates would be made to this post and the DAO informed accordingly

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Please don’t create problems yourself my friend. We are asking about the details on your report

Suffix near doesn’t make them valid. Explorer didn’t find such wallets. So it looks like dummy

Sorry, but you need to control your feelings. Anybody don’t want to offend you. You try to change the essence and manipulate.

Absolutely relevant. You have received funds from him after his proposal was approved (NEAR Explorer | Transaction) Could you explain it?

Also, I found that the same man in orange-brown shirt on photos provided by him and you

his report [REPORT] [ONGOING] onboarding 50 music producers and artist from my social media leverage and a road side awareness
Are the questions well-reasoned?

I didn’t see any t-shirt with Near Merch

PS: Hey man, it doesn’t look you bring light and positive vibes. Such people know about Satya


Nice observation my friend, I am very well known within the ecosystem and on ground as someone who is well versed in web 3, decentralization and blockchains. I explain these concepts, which look quite difficult to lay people and make them understand it in an easily acceptable way. I personally onboarded mubarak and taught him concepts about blockhains for which he got educated about and was ready to expand his enthusiasm about the NEAR Blockchain.
The NEAR that i received from him was needed when he wanted to trade for logistics needed for his event.
And moreover, this might not really be a concern to you as there is evidence of NEAR wallets opened, i understand transparency would be the base of your argument which is right, but would you like to also know about two attendees of the event hooking up and having sex later on? … That is not really pertinet to what we are doing here…


And yes, i gave a lecture at Mubarak’s event, is that a bad thing? That NEAR partners in a close geographical location meetup and assist each other… is it?

This event happened and its results have been shown, You are not ominpresent my friend, Please stick to the ethics and confines of your job requirement which is to demand results from projects approved, that is your job my friend and not the desire to see the colour of my underwear.

The man in the orange cloth, is it a bad thing if he attends two crypto onboarding events to be able to more grounded in knowledge about the NEAR blockchain?

You are not omnipresent my friend, You can’t know everything, You dont even know whether i am an extra terrestrial from a UFO ship talking to you.

Focus on detail, Thanks

That would be appreciable, Thanks!

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