[APPROVED] Onboarding Campaign for Crypto-Music Enthusiasts in Victoria Island Lagos

It’s a very nice idea, I like that the other council members resonate with it. Yes I am going to make them have NEAER wallets and encourage them to use 0.05NEAR to do a decoy transfer to a central wallet to make them eligible to receive.food and beverages as intended. This affords them a degree of familiarity with the NEAR wallet quickly from the event itself.

As regarding the timeframe, I wasn’t aware of the review period by the DAO is why I chose the previous timeframe. This event is most likely to hold 17th of February as I would be having an event with C1 in the capital city of the country on the 5th of February. I would be needing time to prepare the necessary awareness to execute the event proper


Yes👍🏽… I will make it a necessary obligation for the receipt of refreshments

Thank you symbolik, the goal is to have crypto savvy people educated about the bright future of the NEAR Protocol

As regarding a survey, I have already done whats requisite of a survey by targeting only crypto savvy individuals within this location.

Cheers, Brother


Thanks for such detailed & visionary Proposal. Love the idea :star:

Going to support it, Can’t wait to see the activity happening real soon! :clap:


I don’t think targeting crypto savvy people removes the need for a survey. It just focuses the question. I still see benefit in hearing where people were before the event and then what their sentiments are after. For example, how knowledgeable where you about NEAR ecosytemm before this event? Do you feel you will build or participate in build on NEAR? How likely are you to tell a friend about NEAR? etc…

[APPROVED] :white_check_mark:

Congrats, we will update you with the following steps :wink:


Thanks brother



We are glad to see the [APPROVED] Congratulations! :tada:

Glad to see it approved, please follow next steps according to new guidelines >> [New Process] Community Payouts


Hello !!! Everything going great ?

You are still going to host the onboarding event ?

Here is the place to submit your proposal, please reply here on this post with your wallet


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Thank you fritzworm, doing that right away

Waiting for you my friend,
Amount: 46N

Done as Instructed my friend, payout submitted for 46N

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Good Evening, You need to attach the link proposal and not the Onboarding dao AstroDAO.


It was an error, Thanks for noting, I added the link in the comments

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Oh No Worries, Thanks!

Hello @JohnX .
We would like to get reports about how were spent the funds as soon as possible. Onboarding-DAO needs to collect all the reports and submit his own report and then request funding for the next period for the next projects.
Please create the topic/post with the report and please send the link in the reply to this message.
Thanks for understanding.


Thank you

Am planning to do that already, report would be ready by first day of march


Hello @JohnX ,
Could you please update us with the link to the report?

Thank you.

Here it is, Thanks