[REPORT] Graffiti Dao September-October 2022 Report

Good day Creatives And NEAR,
We are happy to share our Milestone and the progress of Graffbase.
This Previous month of September and October was awesome as we had the opportunity to Expand Graffiti Dao more this time. We Focus on Teaching and Guiding Web2 artist and Personality to learn about Near and Crypto Currency.

We in Graffbase Council Agree to write a Report of the Coverage of September and October Works to explain and share with you all Our success and milestone of the previous months.

But before anything else i would like to Tag here also The Councils of Graffiti Dao.


And our Social Media Manager slash Vedio Editor and Graphic Artist @legalalien He also Helps us to deploy the Graffiti Dao Marketplace/Website where 70% of contents would be from the website. As of Now Our website is still ongoing and maybe next month we will add this on the report for more visible updates.:heart:

To start up this Report here is Our Graffiti Astro Dao Treasury

To summarize Our Milestone lets start with the
Lines and Body Event lead by Ogaarinze.

Next is Our Report Goa Artist and Indian Meet Up Virtually/Graffbase Lead By @Albhion

Our First Successful Public Viewing Event Slash Artist Convention and Artist Meet Up from Different provinces.

The Proposal
REPORT, Artist Meet Up and Convention With a Public Viewing during the Event.

The Open Call For a Professional Social media Marketer and succesfully Choose “legalalien” as part of the Team

The Proposal To Create more Colorful Telegram Stickers for Graffbase. Telegram Stickers

Registering our DAO as GraffitiDAO LLC in otoco.io through the multi signature of gnosis-safe.com lead by @Dedeukwu.

Next in line is the DAO to Dao Collaboration of Nft Collecting
The purpose of This Initiative is to support our community artists by buying their NFTs from each DAO’s stores.

The Proposal About Irl Event Graffiti Gallore in Enugu
The Graffiti Gallore Ongoing Report
This event will aim at onboarding and educating invitees and guests on the NEAR web3 ecosystem potentials from Defi, Creative to Metaverse. It will be the first NEAR event in Enugu.

Next is the Graff On Digital.
Here is the
Graff On Digital Proposal.
Instead of Organizing a Online event in One shot, we decided to Divided it into 2 Phase.
Graff On digital Phase 1 is now Closed and winners already announced while The phase 2 is still on standby and ready to start anytime soon as we give more time to the Community in near to prepare…
And also because The Graff On digital from the Coverage Of August Budget Proposal is still ongoing as we exprience Delay of funds before so we decided to finish the phase 2 First before we start the Bounty For Beat Boxers and Initiative to Onboard Beatboxers and more Artist related to Music.
And another Report of Graff On digital
This Bounty runs in Twitter and Instagram to onboard web2 Artist into Web3. And still not part of the Community of Near Blockchain

And the Last on this Reports is Our Social Media Metrics and Reports.
Social media metrics and Stat by priyanka
And the Latest One Social media Report and Metrics By legalalien.

And also please take a look into Our previous Proposals and Reports to connect all our Finish Projects and Our Summarize Report.
Month of August Budget Proposal
Month Of August Report
Month Of September Budget Proposal

Metrics Of Success:

• Onboarded Atleast 50+ New Members
• Mint atleast 30 Nfts by the Community in Graffbase store
•Created 30 paintings turn into Nfts Safely store for future purposes and Exhibit.
• x3 Additional engagement to all of our Social media accounts.
• Graffbase Twitter Account Engagement went Up and more and more People start to reach for collaboration and still discussions is ongoing.
•Created Tiktok account for reels
•Deploying our Website is still On process
•Additional Engagement to Telegram channel and more people added and joined this past few weeks.
•Added 14 minters To the store and more coming Up
• Plan to Create 3xr Galleries from Graff on digital phase 1 & 2 Bounty
• Sold Nfts From Mintbase Store we have with split rolyalty to artist and The Dao.
• Collaborated and reach out more people from other Dao’s.

That’s all Guys. Ill be looking forward for a positive Comments and we are willing to answer all questions if you guys need anything​:heart::heart:

Thank u Near and Creatives.:heart:
Thank You so Much Creatives For the support to make those Project Succesful and Thank you to Our hardworking Moderators who did their best For Creatives Dao…