Hii Graffiti DAO

I’m here with Graffiti Galore Web3, a conference spiced up with Canvas for signature by everyone that attended this event which is targeted to be traditional artists, investors, tech savvy individuals and students in the state of Enugu state.

Enugu is located in the South East of Nigeria with over 5 university colleges and 10 art galleries like National Gallery of Art, Jifek Art Gallery, National Art Gallery,Willie’s Art Gallery and so on. This event will aim at onboarding and educating invitees and guests on the NEAR web3 ecosystem potentials from Defi, Creative to Metaverse. It will be the first NEAR event in Enugu if not South East as a whole and I’m sure of my influences there to get people organized for proper attention to this event.

We will stream 2 experienced NEAR community members to discuss further on what’s building through projector. After this event the team will get signatures of oil on a Canvas from everyone that attended this event and mint them during the stream for them to see then we will gift 2 $NEAR each to the first 5 people in the event venue to purchase the GGW3 NFTs minted immediately as this will give them a clearer understanding of how NFTs are made and sold.


  • Educating people about the NEAR web3 tools and potentials of Mintbase marketplace.

  • 40 NEAR wallets to be activated

  • Workshops of minting NFTs and selling.

  • NEAR Web3 Education via Projector

  • 60 max people to be onboarded into various DAOs.

  • Signature NFTs minted immediately in the Graffbase store.

  • NEAR awareness in Enugu state.

FYI: This event will be supported with a street rally to create awareness to artists also the team will embark on a visit to University professors, curators and activists as a form of invitation or awareness and they will be gifted a NEAR wallet with security tips and activation token of 0.3 $NEAR each, interviews will be conducted and covered for YouTube and pictures minted too.


DedeukwuShryne curators

@Ogaarinze @Reespect @Dedeukwu


-Flight ticket ( Arrival ) from Lagos-Enugu for 3 -$160 x3 = $480

-Advertising materials ( flyers, backdrop and designs, QR code board ) = $200

-6 Big Canvas and oils = $120

-Event venue and projector = $200 or below

-Wallet activation plus 10NEAR for first 5 to collect signature NFT = $80

-Refreshments ( Water and popcorn ) =$120

-Team Bounty $100 x3 = $300

-Miscellaneous = $100

Total: $1600

@Albhion @Ligaya @Priyanka


Wish You All the Best Fam …let’s make it big Event :fire::fire:


Wow. I’m super excited to take the awesome event to the city I grew up. Let’s go build in Enugu!


this will be my first time in enugu :palms_up_together:t5: excited about it!!!