[Report] NXM discord management and Trivia for April 2022

Hello everyone, I am samson Chukwu the discord moderator for NxM discord server,

May I use this opportunity to thank all council members of NXM for their leadership and mature minds in running the affairs of NXM

The month of April showed another great month in the affairs of NXM, including project, Events Community task and general engagements,
Our discord server saw increased number in verification and inclusion of new members compared to the month of March.
In March we had 69 Verified members
Currently in the month of April we have 103 members Verified on the discord. NxM 🎧

As moderator I have taken advantage of the event category made available by Discord, to create Events reminder and Update for community members, I have also properly utilized available channels to make navigations easy for members

In April as moderator I have made available links to minted NXM NFTs in the appropriate discord channel NxM 🎧 to help community members, Collectors and investors easily access these NFTs in the NXM mint base store.
We also have available a Channel where members are encouraged to indicate their birth month as we Intend to resume celebrating them starting from MAY 2022.

In April we had Our Discord Trivia where two questions where made available every Wednesdays and Fridays 12noon UTC/2pm EST and 7pm UTC/9PM EST,
We had members participate and winners emerged and rewards have been sent to the Top participants who had most correctly entered answers:
Rewards paid in DAI stable coin: 1st place @Sleezy_Moss $30, 2nd place @JohnWike $20 and 3rd place @reespect $10

Thanks for the opportunity to serve
I am glad to serve and I will be of service

Requesting: $200
For the month of April
Target: sammiee.near


I just saw the alert!!! Wow!!! Thanks alot @Sammiee & the NXM team. I appreciate.

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Congratulations bro
Please also acknowledge receipt on Discord #general-chat channel

And we go again in MAY

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Okay. I will do that.

thank youu i just came online and saw this :purple_heart:

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Congratulations miss
Please also acknowledge receipt on Discord #general-chat channel

And we go again in MAY

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