(REPORT) NxM Discord Activity For November

The NxM discord server has been undergoing some major overhaul since i resumed as a moderator. There is need for active community engagement more on discord as many NxM members are usually active on the telegram group.

This activity on the telegram group sometimes leads to a jam of information and interaction whence i took the initiative to sensitize community members about the NxM Discord server as an alternate means of activity and engagement so as to free the “sometimes boggy” traffic on the telegram group.

I did a comprehensive study of how to get more members aware of the NxM Discord server and i realized that the NxM DAO has to engage in activities that allows for project and data sharing on the Discord server. An example of this is to create initiatives that engage people outside of web3 but who are related to music endeavours.

Discord has its use as regards categorizing various channels within the server and affording people seeking information about the DAO to find precise portals for the information they seek.

For the month of November, i took time to familiarize myself with the engagement attitude of the community and i saw that work needed to be done to activate the energy on the server for more flexible community activity and free-ing traffic on telegram.

I saw that some posts in some channels date far back as july and this is not really proper health for the server. So for the month of November i traversed the length and breath of the server making observations on how to overhaul the server for which multiple ideas came for that

One of these ideas i initiated with the support of the community was to create a monthly discord trivia. I added the quiz-bot to the server and prepared questions about web 3 and blochains which were curated personally by me.
Below are the links to the proposal and payouts for the trivia

This trivia got some community members back into the server and learn its intricacies. A number of community members that couldn’t participate were not happy they couldn’t. There was enough awareness though but i am going to be working with @vandal for subsequent editions to be broadcasted by the NxM social media generally

The trivia is one of the initiatives i have planned to return the glory of the NxM discord server to its optimum use and engagement and the NxM DAO can trust that with John X, numerous ideas would keep flowing in within the bandwidth of the DAO’s Budget

Lastly i created two channels for NxM Proposal education and updates. i did this solely because i see how much information request traffic @vandal has to handle on a daily basis and would henceforth be responding to posts about proposal creation and submission with the channel links that supplement the required information. This move would sensitize community members about the NxM discord server

In a nutshell, the month of November was one more of study, scoping and ideation for increasing community engagement and usage convenience of the NxM DIscord server. This study would take full bloom for the month of December as we shall see an increased server engagement and interaction for community members

Thanks to @NxM guild for helping artists connect globally and be educated about blockchains, decentralization and audio nft creation. The sky is the starting point

Thanks. John X

Target: freedomandflow.near
Payout amount : 24.2N ($200)


Hey @JohnX , you are doing an awesome job on discord ! Keep the engagement flowing ! Would love to see more events happening on discord say like a music event through discord ! Community connect and more fun! You are doing awesome


Yes, plenty initiatives for December

Mainly community sensitisation to free traffic on telegram and use discord more often


hey! do you have the NxM discord link? I can’t find it :frowning:

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Here you go
Click on welcome
React and get Verified :white_check_mark:

We are excited to have you

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