[PROPOSAL] Funding for NxM Discord Trivia

This is a proposal to request a particular amount of NEAR for the trivia on discord for the NxM community

The purpose of this trivia is to enhance community interaction within the discord app and allow flexibility of file sharing, information filtering in accordance with the various channels within the Discord Server

The trivia would contain questions about NEAR protocol, web3. blockchains and crypto
This is also in a bid to avail the NxM discord server to the world so that fans and friends of community members can join in and learn about NEAR while following the server and would also want to participate in the trivia

The Trivia would be actualized by the bot called “TriviaBot” which would select winners by the amount of correct entries it gets from the participating community members

Winner : 50 $ in NEAR
1st Runner up: 40 $ in NEAR
2nd Runner up: 30 $ in NEAR

For this event we would also need a one time $100 for the graphic design of the trivia


Awesome ! Hey you could collaborate with this project:


Love your idea and I’d like to see it on the NxM Discord! It will allow us to engage community members from NxM.

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Wow this looks cool @FritzWorm! What do you think @JohnX, does it make sense to use the QuizBot and integrate it in the NxM Discord Server?


Thanks for proposing this. I’m sure we have enough funds in the coffers to assist with funding this and I think it’s a great initiative to activate the Discord server with a monthly NxM Trivia session. What do you think of using the QuizBot?


@chloe @zeitwarp what do you think of this?

Looks practical already… Yeah it would work @FritzWorm


Yes, the quizbot app is nice for the NxM discord server for the monthly trivia @vandal


Quizbot is good and suitable for the type of trivia we are bringing on the NxM discord server


@vandal the quizbot has been added to the server.

We would be needing graphic flyers for the awareness of the community engagement meet to also include the trivia

As part of achieving this we would need NxM logo and brand templates to develop digital flyers for the event

I would be needing $150 in NEAR to contract a graphic artist within the community to create three different flyers for sensitising the community

Money for the winners of the trivia would be requested after the trivia is done and individual near addresses are submitted

target payout : freedomandflow.near

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We don’t currently have additional funds available for creating the flyer/poster. Maybe we can just use a program like Canva, which is easy to create something without much effort. I’m pretty sure some of the people creating posters for NxM have used this app before.

Just to reiterate, there are only the funds available for the prizes = $120 in N


@vandal well noted, the prizes for the winners would be adjusted accordingly…

And also if you would please help engage someone within the community to create the digital flyer for the trivia.

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I can do it, just DM me the information that I will need to include on the poster. Should only take a few minutes :wink: