(PROPOSAL) Payout Request for Discord Trivia Winners and Hosting

The Discord trivia was successfully conducted with interested members of the NxM community participating. Even though the turnout was a little low compared to what was anticipated, nonetheless the trivia was successful and positive feedback was gotten from the participants

First place : @zeitwarp 5432
Second place: @PaulCrans 4322
Third place : @kingstunna 4308
Complementary third place: @Sleezy_Moss 3977

The trivia contained six questions:

1.What is NEAR protocol sharding technique?

Answer: Nightshade

2.What record keeping technology does a Blockchain use?

Answer :Distributed Ledger Technology

3.Why is NEAR different from Bitcoin?

Answer: Proof-of-Stake

4.What company helped NEAR Protocol to measure it’s carbon emissions?

Answer: SouthPole

5.What is easiest definition of web 3?

Answer: Open source decentralized web/social media

6.What is A Dapp?

Answer: Decentralized Application

To reward the winners of the trivia I would be requesting the requisite NEAR from the NxM DAO
$60 in NEAR for Zeitwarp
$40 in NEAR for Paul
$20 in NEAR for Kingstunna
$10 in NEAR for Sleezymoss (complementary for volunteering and punctuality in participation)

All totalling: $130 in NEAR

Target: freedomandflow.near


Hey @JohnX pls adjust the budget according to what was originally allocated plus the $10 for Sleezy. ($130 in N) and then submit this proposal to the DAO for the payout so you can distribute the funds accordingly. Also looking fwd to your November Discord report!

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Thank you for the clarification @vandal. Adjustment made accordingly