[Report] NxM DAO Monthly Report for August 2021

We made it! Yes, it was a wild and challenging August but we’ve pulled through and have pretty much delivered much of what we set out to do for the month of August.


The Socials Team of @bonepolice @steven @Paul @Dedeukwu have reshuffled roles and the crew have been doing a valiant job managing the Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Discord. The Linktree is where you can find latest updates!

I’ve set up a Telegram Broadcast Channel and our membership on our Community Channel is now up to 283 members as of this writing.

NxM Newsletter by @Paul can be found on our Medium blog


In discussion with the NxM Onboarding team to launch the NxM Onboarding DAO, this way we can manage the distribution of funds effectively for all the onboarding activities that @Symbolik @bonepolice @steven & @Paul have been doing. We’ve also added Natalie Crue to the group to assist.

Here’s the latest proposal in for NxM Onboarding related activities. We are looking at creating an NxM Onboarding DAO to more effectively manage funds and potentially use a commission structure to reward people for onboarding.

Community Calls:

Events & Activities:

Postponed to September:

These proposals are yet to claim their allocated funds, two of which are included in our August funding round.


I think the NxM Onboarding DAO is such a good idea. Would be great to see what kind of resources or tools this group creates or modifies for your global musician audience to welcome them to NxM and to NEAR! Share openly here on the Forum so other groups can follow your learnings and successes along the way please.

Will check back in for those post-event details (attendee #s, etc.), learnings, and successes from the August activities when they’re ready to be shared.

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Yes, the team has been planning for this! Looks like a September deployment :rocket:

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